New Marlowe Theatre Takes Shape

24 March 2010, 10:25 | Updated: 26 March 2010, 06:04

Heart's been taking a look at how building work at the new Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury is going.

It's been a year since the old building was closed and knocked down.

Around 50 construction workers are currently at the site with the aim of completing the main steel structure by June.

It's costing more than £25million to build and is due to be finished in September 2011.

When it's completed, the new theatre will include an auditorium that can seat 1,200 people and accommodate some of the biggest shows.

There will also be a second, smaller auditorium that can be used by the local community.

As well as productions on the stage, spaces within the theatre will be used for educational projects and for local artists to show off their work.

Building work is being funded by money from the county and city councils, South East England Development Agency and The New Marlowe Theatre Development Trust.

You can see from our photos that the concrete columns, which will become the main feature at the front of the theatre, have started to be put in place.

We've also included the artist impression of what the completed building will look like.