New Safety Camera Posters in Kent

16 February 2010, 12:53 | Updated: 17 February 2010, 11:03

Heart's got a sneak preview of two new posters being put up next to roads all over Kent.





KMSCP board

This board is being attached to all

of the yellow fixed safety cameras in the

county over the course of this week.


KMSCP board

This shocking poster will be appearing at

the roadside to make drivers think twice

about breaking the speed limit.





This comes as we've been told people in Kent seem to be warming to the idea of speed cameras. An independent survey for the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership has found that more than seven out of ten people (72.8%) agreed or strongly agreed that fixed and mobile safety cameras are just one of several measures used to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries on the county’s roads.

71.5% of those polled agreed or strongly agreed that the most successful safety camera is one that does not generate any revenue as no-one is breaking the speed limit.

 "It is reassuring to see that our message that safety cameras save lives is getting through to the public but we are not complacent and acknowledge that much more needs to be done to keep people safe on the roads of Kent and Medway," said Katherine Barrett, Communications Officer for the Partnership.

"There are many misconceptions about safety cameras and we are redoubling our efforts to engage with people and to educate and inform them about safety cameras and why we believe they are such an effective weapon in our war to cut road deaths."

The survey found people had a more negative view of the mobile camera vans. For example, while 70.8% of people agreed or strongly agreed that fixed safety cameras are clearly visible to motorists, only 21.1% thought the same about mobile safety cameras.

 Katherine Barrett said that it was a concern that a significant number of people still appear to be unclear about how and where mobile safety camera vans operate.

"Although the survey showed we’re heading in the right direction in terms of awareness and support for the role cameras play in making the county’s roads safer, a number of those interviewed still thought camera vans weren’t clearly visible and were even deliberately hidden to try to catch motorists out.

"We follow strict guidelines when it comes to where safety cameras are sited, and these apply to safety camera vans as well as to yellow fixed cameras on the roadside.

"It’s a myth that our safety camera vans are free to roam the county and stop wherever they choose. They only operate on a stretch of road where at least one person has been killed or seriously injured in a speed-related crash over a 5km stretch of road, in the three years prior to installation."

"As well as clearly marking the vehicles, we also put up black and white signs to warn drivers that, even if there is no yellow fixed camera up ahead, a safety camera van could be operating in that area."

"We have an open and honest approach to road safety and do everything we can to warn drivers about where and how cameras operate so that they don’t get a ticket. That’s why the locations of all our safety cameras – fixed and mobile – are listed on our website. To find out where they are in your area, visit our website"