Orange order march in Gillingham

Kent police are warning that a number of roads will be closed in Gillingham on Saturday as the Orange Order plan a march through the town.

A Statement from Kent Police has been issued

The photo of Canterbury Street in Gillingham is courtesy of

"On Saturday 25 September, The Orange Institution (Orange Order) will be holding a service and parade in Gillingham.

The event will begin at 2.30pm with a rally and short service at the Naval Memorial on the Great Lines, where wreaths will be laid to remember members of the Kent Lodges who lost their lives in the first and second World Wars.

At 3pm, the parade will form and set off from The Great Lines (in the vicinity of Marlborough Road) and will return to the area at approximately 4.30pm.

It is expected that around 1000 people will attend the event, including approximately 10 bands who will participate in the parade.

The event has been organised in consultation with Kent police in Medway and Medway Council in the hope that disruption to the area will be kept to a minimum.

However, it will be necessary for some road closures to take place during the parade. Roads will be closed for only as long as it takes for the parade to pass through the area.

The roads which will be affected are as follows:

· Marlborough Road
· Brompton Road
· Prince Arthur Road
· Medway Road
· Richmond Road
· Saunders Street
· Victoria Street
· Balmoral Road
· Duncan Road
· Nelson Road
· Stopford Road
· Canterbury Street
· Pagit Street

The roads above make up the route which the parade will follow but it should be noted that a number of adjoining roads will also affected for a short time.

Kent police in Medway would advise that where possible, people avoid travelling in the area and those that do should expect to encounter some delays."