Parts of Kent Flood

Heart's been speaking to the Environment Agency after parts of Kent flooded overnight

There are now a couple of flood warnings in place for parts of Kent as more heavy rain is expected tonight.

The watches are along the Rivers on the Isle of Sheppey and The Upper River Medway

Herne Bay was the worst affected area overnight with 60 properties - mostly basement flats - affected by surface water.

Fire officers and the Environment Agency mostly visited homes in Central Parade and Mortimer Street.

Elsewhere crews were sent to Ramsgate, Aylesford, Dartford, Gravesend, Rochester and Tunbridge Wells.

Kent Fire and Rescue have issued this advice to be followed during severe weather:

• Remember that during a storm the emergency services will be very busy. Only call for immediate assistance if there is a risk to life or serious property or environmental damage
• Following a flood in your home, make sure all electrical circuits are fully dried out and checked by an electrical engineer before switching back on.
• Do not attempt to walk through flooded areas. Even shallow water moving fast can sweep you off your feet and there may be hidden dangers such as open drains or damaged road surfaces
• Look after neighbours who may be vulnerable
• Keep an eye on weather reports on local television or radio news channels. Do not travel in heavy rain storms unless absolutely necessary.
• Motorists should not attempt to drive through flooded roads or fords. The water is often deeper than it looks and may be moving quite fast. Your vehicle may be swept away or become stranded. 

• Visit the Environment Agency website for more advice, flood warnings and to sign up to their Floodline or call 0845 988 1188