Pictures of Filthy Restaurant

Kings Hill restaurant fined more than £13,000

Toto Experience Ltd, owners of Kings Hill Palace in Kings Hill were fined £13,638 for failing to comply with general hygiene requirements and EC regulations.

Three offences were related to an inspection on 15 March 2010.  The following was found to be dirty and greasy with large build ups of food debris:

  •        the kitchen floor
  •        walls
  •        the walk in chiller
  •        the walk in freezer
  •        the upright freezers in the kitchen and storeroom
  •        the chilled counter top and chilled units below
  •        the hot cabinets
  •        the legs and wheels of equipment
  •        the food preparation table
  •        shelves
  •        food storage bins
  •        the taps to the kitchen sink and wash hand basin
  •        the electric socket switches
  •        the oven cooking rings and cooker control knobs
  •        the controls to the wok cooking range

- the following food equipment was dirty:    

  •        containers were dirty and had a build up of dried food on them,


  •        items of food equipment including the rice spatulas, plastic

colanders, tin opener, knives, tongs, whisk and metal sieve were dirty.

-  the following failed to comply with the requirements to protect food
against any contamination in that:

  •        food in the chillers was stored uncovered and containers were

stacked directly on top of one another

  •        dirt was flaking off the walk-in chiller shelves directly above

open cooked foods

  •        food was stored in open cans
  •        raw food was stored next to and above cooked foods
  •        cooked seaweed was stored in a cardboard box which had

previously contained raw frozen chicken

  •        a chopping block was used for both raw meat and cooked battered


On 16 March 2010 the Council’s Environmental Health Team revisited to
follow up on matters raised on the first visit.   The fourth offence
related to their inspection on 16 March 2010 when:
- the following food equipment was dirty:

  •        the interior of the ice machine was found to be covered with

black and pink growths and slime

Steven Ly, Company Secretary of Toto Experience Ltd and Manager of Kings Hill Palace, pleaded guilty to the four offences.