Police Investigating Serial Killer Dig up Two Gardens

Police investigating serial killer Peter Tobin who buried two teenagers in a Margate garden are now digging up two gardens in Brighton

Detectives said information led them to search the back gardens of housing association flats and two beauty shops with a flat above in Portslade, Brighton.

They brought in members of the Home Office's scientific support branch and officers from the Metropolitan Police.

They were supported by experts from Sussex Police and archaeologists from University College London.

A spokesman said substantial excavation would only take place if further evidence emerged that something may be buried in the gardens.

Police vowed to leave ``no stone unturned'' as they launched the operation into Tobin's past.

In 2007 police discovered the bodies of 18 year old Dinah McNichol and 15 year old Vicky Hamilton in a Margate garden - both girls had gone missing more than 18 years before.

Tobin's currently serving life sentences for their murders, and that of Polish student Angelika Kluk.

Senior detectives are convinced serial killer Peter Tobin is responsible for some of the country's most notorious unsolved murders.

Members of at least eight forces have spent years carefully reconstructing his movements under a series of aliases.

Police launched a huge operation, codenamed Anagram, in a bid to to rule Tobin in or out of a large number of unresolved inquiries.