Endangered Water Buffalo Born in Kent

The baby male calf was born at Port Lympne last week but doesn't have a name yet

The Wild Water Buffalo (as opposed to its domesticated cousin) is now endangered. Numbers have declined 50% over the last three generations and it is now estimated that less than 4000 remain in the world.

The once prolific animal is native South East Asia including across Cambodia, India, Nepal and Thailand, but is now believed to be regionally extinct in many countries including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Head Hoofstock Keeper Bob Savill commented:

‘It is fantastic to have a new addition to the group. The little male is doing really well and following mum around the paddock with the rest of the herd’

Port Lympne cares for six Water Buffalo including the new calf and bull Blue, who was removed from the herd after fighting with the other mature male. He is now enjoying life out on The African Experience.

Kent Buffalo 2

Kent Buffalo 3

Photos by Dave Rolfe