Rochester Child Sex Offender Sent to Prison

29 year old Rochester man will serve minimum of 27 months in prison

29 year old David Glancey from Maidstone Road has been given an indeterminate sentence for arranging the commission of a child sex offence and distributing indecent images of children.

He must serve a minimum of 25 months before being considered for parole. The Judge jailed David Glancey in the interests of "public protection".

Officers from Kent Police's Public Protection Crime Unit executed a warrant at the home address of David Glancey in Maidstone Road, Rochester on 14 January after receiving information in relation to possible child sex offences.

Computer equipment was seized during the warrant and an empty package for a memory stick, but no memory stick was found. Glancey was bailed with the condition he must not access the internet or possess any computer of mobile phone capable of accessing the internet.

Whilst Glancey was on bail, officers established that he continued to offend. During the investigation, officers found evidence Glancey had continued to access the internet and in March arranged to meet with someone in order to commission a child sex offence.

He then went on to make arrangements for someone to provide a 10-12 year old girl in exchange for money and even provided an image of what he wanted the girl to look like.

Detective Sergeant David Shipley from Public Protection Crime Unit said: 'Kent Police will continue to use a variety of techniques and all resources available to them in order to track down those who because of their sexual desires seek to harm children. This includes working with law enforcement officers overseas.

'David Glancey has a significant history of offending against children, and I am glad that this offending will now be stopped through the sentence the court has imposed.'

On 10 March Glancey was arrested for a second time and charged with arranging the commission of a child sex offence and nine offences of distributing child abuse images and remanded in custody.

Detective Constable Mikaela Stevens said: 'Glancey tried his best to avoid the consequences of his actions. These offences together with his previous criminal history, demonstrate that Glancey poses a significant and ongoing risk to children. I am glad that the Judge has acknowledged this in the sentence.'

Images found are graded between levels 1-5

Level 1 - 168
Level 2 - 12
Level 3 - 44
Level 4 - 47
Level 5 - 8

Total - 279

Upon Sentencing Judge Griffith-Jones told Glancey "you were brazen in your approach, not deterred even after your arrest in January".

He continued by saying Glancey's actions were "deliberate, planned and predatory" and added the ""Sex Offenders Treatment Programme did not curb or inhibit your treatment of young girls".

David Glancey, of Maidstone Road Rochester pleaded guilty to the offences at Maidstone Crown Court on 7 May.

The court heard that Glancey had previously been required to sign the sex offenders register for a period of four years following a conviction in Lincolnshire. At the time of committing these offences however, he was not subject to any court orders.

During the investigation Kent Police were also supported by child exploitation investigators in Canada.