Smart Meters To Save Water

New intelligent water meters which alert you when there is a leak are being installed in homes across Kent.

Southern Water says they could help save as much as 5million litres of water a day, which is enough to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools, and to supply 37 thousand people.

In a work programme lasting until 2015, the company is fitting a total of 500,000 meters for households across Kent, Hampshire and Sussex to help ensure it can continue to supply customers in a region which is officially defined as 'water stressed'.

Tens of thousands have already been installed in the Medway area, with work due to start in Sittingbourne and the Isle of Sheppey early next year.

Jon Crooke, Deputy Director of Metering for Southern Water, explained: "Around 20 per cent of leaks occur on customers' pipes. "The meters we are installing are the most advanced in the water industry and include a 'leak alarm' to help more easily detect when water is escaping from household supply pipes or internal pipework.

"We estimate that fitting meters with leak alarms across our area will save enough water to meet the needs of over 37,000 people every day. That's the same number of people as it would take to fill every seat in Gillingham's Priestfield Stadium three times over.

"The meters we have installed so far have already picked up in excess of 450 suspected leaks."