Special Constable pays tribute

27 July 2010, 16:38

Special Constable Julian Foulkes’ daughter Francesca died in the town of San Antonio in the early hours of Sunday morning. She was on holiday with a group of friends on the Island.

Francesca, also known as Fran, grew up in Medway and went to St Augustine’s primary School in Rainham before moving on to Rainham School for girls.  She had worked in Kings Hill for financial company Cabot for the last three years.  She lived at her parent’s home in Wigmore with 16-year-old sister Natasha and mum and dad, Julian and Gina.

Speaking on behalf of the family, father Julian Foulkes said:  ‘Francesca was extremely well loved by family and friends and will be sadly missed.

‘She was a very keen dancer and often used to go to Pineapple Dance studios in London at least once a week, or when she had the money to afford to go.  She also loved buying clothes and going out with her friends to socialise.  She would often be out at pubs and clubs during the weekends and always enjoyed herself, living life to the full.  As well as being outgoing and popular, Francesca was also extremely kind and considerate to others.  She would always be willing to lend money to her friends even if she didn’t have much herself.

‘She liked to travel, and was already planning a holiday to Mexico later in the year with her boyfriend, who she had been with since February.  We have been speaking together and are finding comfort in each other’s company.  We’ve all been pleased to read the kind words from all of her friends that have been posted online.  It’s proved to be very reassuring to know that she was so well thought of by friends and people at work.  In fact, we didn’t realise just how many friends she had and how much everyone liked her.

‘As a family we are coming to terms with our loss and would like to thank everyone for taking the time to send their thoughtful words and support.  Francesca was a wonderful person and we are all proud of what she had achieved.’