Support Offered to Kent Carers

15 June 2010, 00:00

An ad campaign on the internet has been launched to encourage carers in Kent to find out what help they can get.

It's thought there are around 138,000 carers in Kent, but there could be many more that aren't getting the kind of support they're entitled to.

Jaz Binning, 30, from Gravesend features in one of the ads and looks after both of his parents. He said: "I didn't know I was a carer until I was in my late teens.

"It's just one of those things, you just look after your parents, they looked after you.

"Mum's had schizophrenia and all the related problems with that. Dad is quite old now and he suffers from heart disease and diabetes and now dementia.

"It's not until someone points it out to you that you know you're a carer.

"To a teenager, a young child or someone caring for their family member, it is difficult to know what you're doing but the clues are there.

"When your friends are out playing football, socialising or doing something and you're at home looking after your family, that's when you know you're a carer."

Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Kent Adult Social Services, Graham Gibbens, said: "It is natural for people to want to care for those they love and it may not even cross their mind that help is out there for them.

"We do all we can to support carers because what they do is incredible. We work alongside a great many charities to provide a support service.

"However, we can only help if we know who they are.

"What we want from this campaign is for those people who don't realise they're carers to get in touch and get support."