Traffic Delays as Generator is Moved

2 July 2010, 17:45

Drivers are being told to expect delays on the roads tonight as a massive generator is moved from Chatham Docks to Kemsley.

It weighs more than 400 tonnes and can only travel at about 10 miles an hour - but because it's so big, no other vehicles will be able to overtake it.

The generator will be escorted by the Kent Police Roads Policing Unit from around 10pm on Saturday night.

Route Details

  • Approximately 10pm on Saturday 3 July the load will leave Chatham Docks and travel along A289 Ito Way, Gillingham to A2 Soverign Bvd. Traffic will be able to follow officers behind the load at this point.
  • The load will then travel down A278 Hoath Way towards Junction 4 of the M2.  When it reaches the Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre roundabout it will have to reverse along the rest of Hoath Way along the opposite carriageway. During this time no traffic will be allowed on or off at Junction 4 of the M2.  It is expected this will take about 2 hours.
  • It will then come off the M2 at Junction 3 towards Bluebell Hill, coming off at Junction 6 for the M20.  Again traffic will be able to follow the load behind officers.
  • It will travel along the M20 and come off at Junction 7 for the A249 and head towards Detling Hill.
  • Traffic officers will stop traffic at the M20/A249 roundabout to allow the load to get to the top of Detling Hill safely.
  • Once the load is at the top of Detling Hill, traffic will be allowed to once again follow the load along the A249.
  • It will then travel along the A249 and come off at the junction for Iwade where it will stop along the Sheppey Way, Iwade.  This is expected to be during the early hours of Sunday, July 4.

The load will eventually be moved to it's destination off Ypres Drive the following weekend.