Child Seen Wandering In Just Pyjamas

A major police search being carried out in the Vigo area today has been scaled down.


Detective Chief Inspector Jon Kirby

The police operation was commenced at 1.30am today (Friday 26 November) after police were called by a man who had just driven past the Vigo Inn.  The man reported seeing a young (white) boy, aged 5 or 6 years old, wearing ‘Spiderman’ pyjamas, standing on the corner of the road by the Vigo Inn on Gravesend Road.

Following the call, specialist police teams were called in and a search of the area began.  House to house calls were made to see if anyone had any information about the child and local schools were contacted to establish if any child matching the description was absent from school.

Chief Inspector Jon Kirby said: ‘A call reporting an unaccompanied child standing at the side of the road in a very rural location in the early hours of a freezing cold morning will be taken very seriously.  

‘Our search teams have covered the ground in the area where the child was sighted.  We haven’t received any missing person reports of a child matching the description nor have neighbouring forces.  We’ve spoken to local schools about who is absent today and we’ve asked parents in the area if they can account for the whereabouts of their children.  We’ve spoken in detail to the person who reported the sighting.

‘At this time the incident remains unexplained.

‘We are now reducing the number of officers we have in the area.  Neighbourhood officers will be available in the area to answer questions from local residents as schools close for the day.’

CI Kirby continued: ‘I am hugely grateful to the local community who have been very understanding and appreciative of the police presence in the area.’

Police would still like to hear from anyone who has any information or from drivers who were on the A227 in the Vigo area in the early hours of this morning.  Officers can be contacted on 01622 690690

Vigo Child Search 2