War Memorial Vandals Made to Clear Up Mess

Two boys forced to clear their graffiti off war memorial in Gravesend

Police were called to the café area in Fort Gardens just after 5pm on Saturday 18 September to reports of the youngsters climbing on the roof.

Officers in plain clothes quickly stopped a group of teenagers, with the help of a witness.

Marker pens were found near to where the teenagers were standing and marker pen stains were then found on their hands.

Two of the boys were searched and officers searched the area to find graffiti of their names on the cannons nearby.

After being confronted by officers PC Amy Nix and PC Kevin Smith, a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old admitted what they had done and were arrested for causing criminal damage.

They were all issued reprimands and an agreement was made with the parents of the two boys, that they would come back the next day with the police to clear the graffiti off the cannons, so the community could see that they were making up for their behaviour from the day before.

PC Amy Nix who dealt with the boys, said: "They realised quite quickly that they had been found out and that we had the evidence to prove what they had been up to.

"Their parents fully supported the police and happily volunteered their sons to come back to clean it up.

"Not only did the boys learn a lesson, but people nearby could see that they were being made to put right the damage they had caused.

"Hopefully they won't do it again and others thinking about it will think twice."