Warning About Dangerous Pills


Police are a warning about blue pills known as rockstars which are circulating among teenagers in Folkestone.

They say the pills which have an R or star logo on them, are being sold among the 15 to 18 age group for up to £10 each.
They came to light after a 15 year old boy was arrested on suspicion of possessing a drug with intent to supply. He has been released on bail pending further investigation.
Drugs Liaison Officer for Shepway, PC Jeff Treadwell said: "We are very concerned that these pills are being used by the 15 to 18 age group.

"Tests are being carried out to establish what they contain but adverse reactions ranging from severe stomach pains resulting in hospital admissions to excessive teeth grinding have been reported."
It is not known whether the blue pills are linked to red rockstars, believed to be a type of ecstasy, which are suspected of causing the death of a 25-year-old in County Durham on Sunday (23 October 2011).
PC Treadwell said: "We do not know what these pills are but neither do those taking them and this again highlights the danger of so-called recreational drug use.

"We have already contacted schools and once pupils return after the half-term holiday we shall be going in to talk to highlight the risks they may be taking,” added PC Treadwell.