Was this Car Used in Burglaries?

It's believed that the men driving the black Audi TT were responsible for a number of burglaries across Thanet on 29th April.

After showing bogus ID the two men stole cash and handbags from the elderly residents (victims were aged between 87 and 92-years-old)

One of the men was described as being white, his 30’s and wearing a grey suit. He claimed to be a DC Willis and was well spoken. He was accompanied by another white male, aged between 16 and 17-years-old and wearing a navy jacket and trousers.

At 12.40pm the men called at a house in Princess Margaret Avenue, Margate. They then went onto Luton Court in Broadstairs (1.15pm) and at 2.30pm they targeted a property in Windsor Road, Margate.

Detective Sergeant Claire Munday said: `These men are showing some form of ID to people to gain entry into their homes, please be aware that they are not police officers. Should someone call at your home and you are not confident they are genuine, close the door and call Kent Police for verification. None of our officers will mind if you do this.’

If you can help police with this investigation please telephone 01843 222044.