Work about to start on £75m scheme

9 September 2010, 14:18

Major works as part of the first phase of the £75m transport quarter regeneration and improvements scheme for Gravesend town centre are due to begin soon.

Phase one will include the closure of Albert Place, the road between the civic centre and sensory gardens, and the joining of these two spaces to create one large public open space.

The road works needed to realise these plans will result in changes to traffic flows in Windmill Street, Woodville Place and Wrotham Road and the closure of Albert Place to through traffic. (Changes to traffic flows which will result from the completion of these works can be seen on the centre page plan)

During the work there will be temporary traffic lights and inevitably there will be noise and some disruption. The council and its partners in the scheme will work hard to ensure that this is kept to a minimum.

Specifically, delivery vehicles using Windmill Street may be inconvenienced from time to time but our contractors are working on a solution which may involve some diversions.

Street furniture in Windmill Street and Manor Road may have to be temporarily removed to enable easier access.

The council will keep businesses informed in as much detail as possible and notices on affected roads will forewarn of changes. Car parks will remain open as usual.

Council leader Cllr Mike Snelling said: “The transport quarter is an exciting project which will change traffic flows and re-unite the railway station with the town.” 



The Transport Quarter Phase one consists of two stages:-

First Stage

Highways works to re-route the traffic around the civic centre and the refurbishment of footways.

Second Stage

Public realm works to integrate the Civic Centre forecourt with the sensory gardens, creating one large continuous public area to enjoy.


The government awarded a grant of £8 million towards the overall costs of the Gravesend Transport Quarter scheme which are estimated at £75 million. The first phase of the public realm and highway works is being funded from this government grant.

What happens next...

Works to the Civic Forecourt, Sensory Gardens and surrounding roads starting in September are Phase 1 of the of a three stage plan of implementation for the Gravesend Transport Quarter.

Phase 2

The second stage of the plan will see the building of the bus interchange and car park on the south side of Barrack Row. The building will bring the bus stops in Clive Road and Garrick Street into one central location and provide a bespoke covered area with waiting facilities. Traffic flows should not be impacted by the building works.

Phase 3

Once the interchange building with its ancillary parking is complete, the existing Rathmore Road car park will be closed and a new Rathmore Road with a revised alignment will be built. The new road will run across the car park, joining the existing Rathmore Road close to the junction with Wrotham Road. The new road will allow two way working and provide space for a generous forecourt for the station, to include disabled parking, taxi rank and in/out drop off facility. Once the road is built it will become the main route through town and Clive Road will no longer carry through traffic. The land remaining on the Rathmore Road car park site will be used for housing as enabling development for the overall project.