Becky Ives

Find out more about Becky, including how many eggs she has in an omelette!

So Becky, as Heart's all about the music, what's your favourite album?
It has to be Bruno Mars, Unorthodox Juke Box. I love Bruno!
What was your first Job?
I was a pot washer! It was at a local restaurant and I was 15!
What's your best kind of holiday?
Depends on the season! In summer anywhere where there's a beach and hot sun – I'm happy! OR if it is winter, it has to be a snow holiday where I'm skiing!

As you're now part of Heart Breakfast, what do you usually eat for breakfast?
Any form of egg, fried, scrambled or poached!
And if you made an omelette, how many eggs would you use?
3! I'd have red onion, bacon and mushrooms in it! Actually... I want an omelette now!
Worst food?
Clam chowder or artichokes – they're my worst nightmare on a plate!
What was your first car?
Aww! I had a blue Vauxhall Corsa and I called it Bertie, Bertie the bluebird! We had fun times!
If you had to pick a favourite month, what would it be?
February, my birthday!

What's the strangest journey you've ever been on?
I've travelled by hovercraft! Nothing has beaten it as of yet!
Favourite hot drink?
I don't drink hot drinks! Breaking the stereotype of being British, I don't like tea OR coffee – both taste like hot dirty water to me!
Do you prefer a text or a phone call?
Depends who it's from! But usually a phone call. Sometimes things can me misinterpereted over text – so yep, a phone call! 
And finally, do you have any hidden talents?
I can play the violin! Vanessa Mae, eat your heart out!