Is Baby Brain Real?

Charlie's friend is suffering from "Baby Brain", so we asked, "Is Baby Brain Real?"

Baby Brain is something that expecting or new mums blame when they forget stuff! This was Charlie's friend's parking - blamed entirely on Baby Brain from her new baby!

Baby Brain Parking

James and Charlie wanted to know if Baby Brain was real and lots of you got in touch to let them know what you thought:

  • Rachel Barnes No such thing as 'baby brain'! I had my daughter during the Xmas hols in my second year at uni, I went straight back to uni in January and I graduated last year with a 2:1  xXx


  • Lisa Joiner Funny but you don't know how bad it is until you suffer baby brain! Before having Joshua I held down a professional job and completed lots of exams, now with a 12 week old I can only just remember to put on my underwear in the morning!
  • Em's I have 3 children and my youngest is 4 and jus started skool and I still blame stuff on baby brain lol xx

  • Sam Hoare Omg I spent 15mins trying to into a car with my weekly shop and couldn't work out why it wouldn't open. Then I realised it had no baby seat in it and I was parked next to it felt such a fool and grateful the actual car owner didn'tcome back whilst I was trying to break in to it


Here's Nikki with her Baby Brain example, and does Carl have the answer?

Is baby brain real?


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