The BIG Kent Vote

This mornings BIG question...


25th November:

Everyone’s talking about Will and Kate’s big wedding, which got us talking about whether the brides parents should pay?

 The result: 100% said no, both should pay!


24th November:

Kids will get an average of 14 toys this Christmas, double what we got when we were their age. Big Kent Vote this morning - would our children be more appreciative if they got less presents?

The result 50/50!


23rd November:

It's claimed that Wagner could be in line to WIN the X Factor according to this morning's newspapers and bookies….should he stay or go?

The result: 91% said he needs to go!


19th November:

Harry Potters out today, if you had the choice of wither being able to fly or become invisible, which would you choose?

The result: 62% would be invisible!


17th November:

There was that vase last week which got £50 odd million at auction, So if you inherited a family heirloom worth a load of cash, would you sell it or keep it in the family for your children?

The result: 100% said flog it!!


12th November:

We spend £30,000 on Indian takeaway in a lifetime. It’s takeaway night tonight, what’s your favourite, Indian or Chinese?!

The results: 54% prefer Chinese!


11th November:

Research is out saying what men want in a partner, i.e they must prefer footy to soaps and eat a big meal but remain slim. So we want to know what women want in a partner…

The question this morning: Which is more important humour or money? The result: 82% said humour (although being skint isn’t funny!)


10th November:

Doctors are developing a machine that can accurately predict how long you might have left on the planet.

If you were able to look into the future, would you do it?

The result: 98% say NO, what a nightmare!



29th October:

It’s a Gemma dilemma - I’ve had a call from the ex and he wants to meet up for a drink, what should I do, go or not?

The result: 99% said ‘No don’t go, Gemma have a word!


28th October:

Thanks to from Diana Simpson for sending us this question:

Hi guys my question is, is it ok to let your partner go on holiday without you (as they decide they want to go with there mates)?

The results: 72% said yes its fine to let them go alone and to have some trust!


27th October:

Imagine if you manage to get one Take That ticket to see the tour, you are a massive fan and your teenage daughter is also a massive fan, what do you do…do you keep it for yourself or give it to your daughter?

A few of you would be sneaky and not tell and keep it!

The results: 60% would keep it!


26th October:

Is it ok for an adult to suck their thumb?

James saw a woman in her late 30’s driving and sucking and thought it looked weird…Gemma thinks its ok as it’s a comfort thing. Tracey’s sister sucks hers and she’s 46!

The results: 77% of Kent think it’s fine!


25th October:

What would you rather, be chased by 10 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?!

The result: 60% said 1 horse-sized duck!


22nd October:

It was James 40th birthday yesterday and he had lots of surprises – his wife was a surprise co host on the show!

Would you prefer to be told or have a surprise kept a secret? James called up to say that his partner booked a holiday without saying where and he hated it!

The result 53% like surprises!



21st October:

It’s James birthday, does life begin a 40? Max called up to say that it all goes down hill and he’ll start getting ill now!

The result: 72% said no it doesn’t start at 40, oh dear…


20th October:

We’ve had Andi Peters on the show who is a presenter on Masterchef…we want to know who you think is the better cook – men or women?

The results: 89% said men with most of the votes being from women!


19th October:

Have you switched on the heating yet at home? (Some are holding out as that’s really the sign that winter is coming)

The result: 87% said yes its on!


18th October:

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have decided to colour co-ordinate the wedding guests…right or wrong?

The results 57% say yes it is right


15th October:

Two 20 stone bus drivers have been suspended as bosses fear they’ll break their seats, they were sent home and ordered to lose 7 pounds in a month. It’s a result of a health and safety assessment.

Is this right or wrong?

The results: 76% of Kent think it's right


14th October:

You spot someone flirting with your partner, are you bovered?!

James saw his wife Claire chatting to a male friend, he could tell that she was flirting a little bit, she seemed quite into him! He was very bovvered! Gemma said that she wouldn’t care!

The results 85% of Kent said yes they would be really bovvered!


13th October:

If you were on a desert island which of these board games would you choose to take with you…scrabble or monopoly?

Sue said monopoly as it has a boat in it!

The result: 92% said Monopoly!


12th October:

Robbie Williams in 12 months time…Take That or solo? He says that he won’t leave the band but do you believe him?

The results 88% said Robbie will go solo!


11th October:

Can men and women really be friends?

Di text in to say that the last friend her husband had he moved in…hence why he was soon to be an ex! However the results were 50/50 with some very strong opinions!


8th October:

If you win £100 million tonight will you keep working?

The result: 60% said yes they would keep working wihich we're surprised about!


7th October:

Public affection…right or wrong? Gemma has no problem with it but James thinks anything more than holding hands should be left for private times!

The result: 75% said yes its fine!


6th October:

We were thinking about who we would most like to meet in the world, dead or alive...Gemma would choose David Attenborough, James would pick Princess Diana. Who would you rather meet out of these two?

The results: 50/50 for Dave and Di!


5th October:

Mel B has admitted to going for marriage therapy with her husband once a week for the last 4 years…Is this a hinderance or a help?

The results: it’s 50/50!


4th October:

Would you go into business with your partner?

86% said NO definitley not! (unless they were already rich so it wouldnt matter if it failed!)


1st October:

Where’s the best place to meet someone?

A friend of Gemmas said that a library is supposed to be the best place! Your best places: dog-walking; supermarkets and online!


30th September:

Breastfeeding in public…yes or no?

Breastfeeding support groups have expressed concern after a mother breastfeeding her 8-week-old daughter was ordered to 'face the wall' by a library worker in north London. A male member of staff told Ayala Ochert that he was concerned she would 'offend others'.

The result: 96% said YES its natural to do it, although Woo called in with very strong opinions against saying you wouldnt go to the toilet in public so why this?!


29th September:

Is it important to give a ring for an engagement proposal? Marie got engaged with 2 hula hoops, she still has them!

Results: 80% said yes you have to have a ring!


28th September:

Do you believe in Aliens?’

Some retired US Air Force personnel are claiming aliens tampered with nuclear weapons here in the UK! Sarah from Canterbury called in to say that she’s seen 5 UFO’s in Kent!

The result: 80% say no they don’t exist!


27th September:

It’s Kent Food Week! So we want to know ‘What’s the all-time greatest food combo?

The result….anything with mash!


24th September:

Todays was suggested by From Linda in Teynham

 Should you put money behind the bar when you invite people to your birthday party?

The result: It was 50/50, Kent is undecided!


23rd September:

It’s 93 days til xmas, has anyone started xmas shopping yet?!

 Result: 40% said they’d already started, we think that’s quite high!



22nd September:

Whats your favourite pie?

Apparently Brits are turning to pies to help them through the recession…sales of pies and pastries are up 5%. More than 1 billion pounds is expected to be spent on pies in 2011!

Your suggestions: meat and bean, tongue, corned beef...

But the most popular pie in Kent was steak!


21st September:

Is letting the kids call teachers by their first name OK or just asking for trouble?

 Kids at Boughton Under Blean Primary near Faversham will drop the traditional Sir or Miss for a trail term. They hope it will enhance the pupil - teacher relationship.

Result: 90% said NO its not ok! Phill called up to say that he saw it happening to a school in Sheppey and it sisnt work, the kids ran riot!


20th September:

James went to a wedding at the weekend and apparently one of the guests was kciking off as she didnt like the music that the DJ was playing! She made a real fuss, which we think was rude!

If you’re a guest at a wedding Is it ok to complain?!

90% of you said NO its never ok!


17th September:

Katy Perry has had pictures of Russell Brand painted onto her fingernails…sickly or sweet? Sue said they’re yukky and she wouldn’t be surprised if Russell got matching ones as they’re both sickly! The result…100% sickly!


16th September:

More UK workers will hand in their notice this week than during any week of the year….would you resign without having another job to go to?

50% said YES with a couple of people who had done it and it was the best thing they did!


 7th September:

Is it ok to lose your temper at work?

Naomi Campbell claims she has ditched her anger. She has been in trouble before over her outbursts but she claims to have realised that ‘no one is perfect’ and made peace with myself’.

Jill from Chatham was told by her colleague that she is aggressive! 96% say YES but then we had a call from Ezzy from Maidstone who actually lost his job from his anger!


6th September:

James went to a wedding at the weekend which got him wondering... ‘Should the word ‘obey’ be taken out of wedding vows?’

89% of Kent said YES! Martin gave away his daughter on Saturday and didn’t even notice if it was used! It seems most people just say it for tradition…


3rd September:

When you find 'the one' do you keep quiet or shout about it?!'

82% of Kent said that they SHOUT about it!


2nd September:

Should the school summer holidays be shorter?

Michelle says YES and make xmas shorter, Hannah says NO as she’s back today! Results 91% say YES 10% NO


1st September:

Is it ok to ban your loved ones from their hobbie?! (James is worried that his son is getting obsessed with his wii)

82% say YES! Julie got in touch to say that her hubbie was so obsessed by the sea cadets that he missed their wedding anniversary to go on a trip; Lee’s son is so obsessed with his computer he didn’t leave the house all summer!


31st August:

Will we have an Indian summer?

The results….89% said NO 32% said YES!


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