Charlie's '30 Before 30'

Here's how she got on!

Back in June James and Charlie chatted to librarian Lesley Evans from Sittingbourne who had set herself a list of 60 things to do before she was 60.

Charlie was so inspired by Lesley's list that she's decided, with the help of James and Kent to complete her '30 Before 30' list.

Here it is! See, hear and watch everything her and James have done at the bottom of this page!

1. Fly in a helicopter

2. Be in a music video

3. Present something on a foreign radio show

4. See a wild seal in Kent

5. Meet an hero of mine

6. Go to Dungeness because I have never been!

7. Go To the filming of a TV Show

8. Be an alpaca keeper for the day

9. DJ in a Kent club

10.Try Archery

11. Go Dog racing

12. Eat fish

13. See if I can fit in a suitcase

14. Do the show in a ballgown

15. Go planking under one of the Heart transmitters

16. Hop picking

17. Run away to the circus

18. Ride a Harley 

19. Drive a tractor

20. Learn to cook

21. Watch the Godfather movies because I have never seen them

22. Bake for someone I care about

23. Dress up like Olivia Newton John and James as John Travolta and do karaoke

24. Be a town crier in a Kent town with James

25. Pitch an idea to a Dragon

26. Put a message in a bottle off the Kent coast

27. Be in close proximity of Royalty

28. Be in a professional photoshoot

29. Get a tweet back from a famous person

30. Re-enact a scene from one of my favourite films

Here are just some of the best bits from the 30...

Charlie's 30 before 30

And below see how Charlie with the help of James...has done them all! Heart would like to thank everyone in Kent who has made them all possible - it's been fun!