Christmas Song Challenge

James and Charlie were set a challenge – they have to write and record a Christmas song.

Which they performed at Heart’s Xmas Factor in Chatham on the 13th December.

And it’s not easy, even Gary Barlow says he goes through lots of songs before he gets ‘the one’.

X Factor Auditions GlasgowThey were allowed to have some help from people in the building who can play instruments…but only had 24 hours to come up with the first one.





Download the Final song "Presents" here, watch the video for it and listen to the rest of James and Charlie's attempts below!



The Final Song

After 7 songs, solo's, duets...James and Charlie have finally got a Christmas tune they have written to perform live at the Xmas Factor. Love it or loathe will be singing it this is 'Presents' 


Day 7 - Song 7

Here is Charlie's Friday attempt at a song and for this she took her inspiration from a certain Christmas decoration, it's called Tinsel and Tantrums. Before you hear it though, watch this 'The Story behind the Music'...

Tinsel and Tantrums

Day 6 - Song 6

James went solo today after yesterday's duet - and sung about Christmas at home and playing board games with the kids - he's called it Competitive Dad

Competitive Dad

Day 5 - Song 5

James and Charlie teamed up for their first duet, they wrote about what it will be like when they have week off over Christmas, it's called 'The Best of Friends'

The Best Of Friends

Day 4 - Song 4

Here is Charlie's latest attempt, she took an idea from a Christmas gone by and a certain present from her Uncle Barry. She's just called it Book Vouchers.

Book Vouchers

Day 3 - Song 3

Both James and Charlie have been busy over the weekend - Charlie let James go first though, he said about this song - he got into the mindset of Santa himself...with a bit of Vanilla Ice. It's Santa's Rap.

Santa's Rap

Day 2 - Song 2

Charlie managed to get some 'inspiration' from a few other Christmas song for this one...which she has called Xmas Blues.

Xmas Blues

Day 1 - Song 1

James and Charlie decided to write some song separately, Charlie was struggling but James got straight into it and wrote and sung about something he is very close to… have a listen, he's named it 'The King'.

The King

James The King...of RoastsJames and Charlie performed their final song live at the Xmas Factor finals on the 13th, although all the lovely finalist school choirs outshone them!

Charlie Tinsel