Heart Breakfast 13th - 17th August

Find out what James & Charlie got up to the week of the 13th - 17th of August!

Friday 17th August

We learnt that Men can't carry carrier bags

Charlie noticed this whilst out with her fella this week. Men CANNOT hold a single carrier bag properly - by the handles that is. Instead, they scrunch up the top of the bag and hold that instead!

Have a look next time you're with your bloke!

We learnt that Charlie goes "Agadoo" for pass the parcel

After a happy birthday message this morning, Charlie revealed that she is scared of pass the parcel...

So, like a true friend, Neil tried to get her over her strange phobia!

Pass the parcel...

We learnt that Clarence the Dragon is alive and well!

It's the last day of the Broadstairs Folk Week - have fun if you are heading down this evening.

Charlie shared this picture with us... It's her, aged 3, scared of Clarence the Dragon (who makes an appearance at the Folk Week). You text in and let us know that Clarence is still alive and well!

Clarence the dragon... and Charlie!


Have a good weekend - Neil and Charlie are back Monday from 6!


Thursday 16th August

We learnt a Walmer Ham Sandwich is Worth a great Deal

This is a line,which includes names of Kent towns – Jim texted this in after Claire mentioned in her Weird News about the top weird place names in the UK – these didn't make it in, nor did Pratts Bottom…find out which ones did though here.
We learnt you can ask a stranger how to cook trout

Schubert Ensemble TroutThe boss Stuart, the other day got an email from an old colleague of his saying, “Stuart, please ring your Granny!”
It turns out she had got 1 number wrong in his phone number and got through (luckily) to this old friend!
It reminded Neil of the time when he was going to call his Mum to ask her how to cook trout …he dialed the number but ended up getting an old woman in Bedford, he thought it was his mum so went in and asked How do you Cook Trout? The lady was great – and told him. So Neil and Charlie called a random number to see if strangers are still helpful, we spoke to a lovely man who couldn't help us with cooking trout but gave us all we need to know to cook salmon!
And we learnt chipmunks DO live in Kent

On the way to work Charlie said she nearly ran over a chipmunk…yes a chipmunk who ran across the road at Detling Hill – she had to know if there are Chipmunks in Kent, or was she seeing things? We had lots of calls telling Charlie that what she saw wasn't a Chipmunk but a Stoat or Weasel!
So we don't think it was Alvin and his friends then…

Wednesday 15th August

We learnt that.. You remember me… from that holiday… with the guy in the shirt…

After the couple who won £148million went public, Neil and Charlie said people would be crawling out of the woodwork now, trying to get a piece of the action... and if everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't they have a go?

Charlie's Voice Message...

Neil's Voice Mesaage...

We learnt that the horses from Fame are taking over the world…

Claire's Weird News today... about Horse pajamas! Got us talking about the horse leg warmers worn by the dancing horses at the Olympics. It's like a horse version of Fame! Check out all the weird news here.

We learnt that Claire can't take her hands off her chakras!

After a stressed-out producer, Charlie took him to Charlie's Chill Zone. You loved it so much, you rang in to be chilled-out... so much so, that Claire from Herne Bay couldn't take her hands off her chakras!!

Here's what was stressing Debbie out...

Debs visits Charlie's Chill Zone


Tuesday 14th August

We learnt that Tom Daley will NOT be driving a jet ski in Malaga

Post-Olympics, Tom Daley is the latest heartthrob for ladies across the land and, as such, he has had lots of big job offers!

No, Neil, not as a deep sea diver or a jet ski driver on holidays... but as a TV presenter!

We learnt that Neil's thing IS small

Something that made Charlie laugh yesterday, so she took a picture and asked you, "Is Neil big, or is his thing small?"

Clare McHugh That's a bit personal Charlie!
Glynis Stephenson He looks perfect to me
Val DeVille Big Boy... Tee Hee

What do you think? Find out at facebook.com/heartkent!

We learnt that a chainsaw is the manly option when dead-heading the roses!

Neil needs to man up! He dead-heads his roses, he dusts the windowsills, and his neighbour shoots clay pigeons and rides a motorbike!!

So he asked, how can he man up?

You suggested he dead-head the roses with a Chainsaw!! Then we had this call from Lesley...

Go to the butchers...

And here is today's "Bright Spark" - Tania from Whitstable! Well done on getting Neil's No Brainer!

Tania from Whitstable


Monday 13th August

Neil is in for James for the next two weeks whilst James is on holiday!

We learnt what Repechage means

So it was the morning after the night before – the Olympic closing ceremony, with the Spice Girls, Jessie J and others. But after the last 16 days was there anything that you've learnt from the Olympics? Neil learnt the word 'Repechage' - which means you can have another go if you weren't good enough first time around. Also we learnt they use an Etch A Sketch in basket ball! Brilliant.

We learnt what squidging is

What are you looking forward to now that the Olympics have finished?

Claire from Ashford is looking forward the Paralympic games – as she is taking part in the Sitting Volley Ball team! She's the captain, so good luck to her and all the paralympians!

We also had a call from Simon who told us that after London, all eyes of the sporting world now turns to Sandwich in Kent – as the world championships of Tiddlywinks comes to the Secret garden. And apparently you can play the winks with a larger counter called a squidger!

And we learnt that you can make wine with tomatoes

This was all in Claire's Weird News today – read all about it here.