Heart Breakfast 16th-20th April

Here is what James and Charlie got up to on Heart Breakfast.

Friday 20th April

We learnt that Neil is a bad Dad
That is a bit harsh…he’s not!
Have a listen to this, has this ever happened with your kids?

Is Neil a bad dad?
We learnt that Charlie can sound like Marge Simpson
After taking about the 14 year old boy who has a Movie Voice over voice (video below on this page), Neil and Charlie asked for your best Movie Voice (Charlie wasn’t great) – we had loads coming in, sorry if we didn’t get to you but Charlie as set up a special MOVIE VOICE ANSWERPHONE – so you and your friends can give it your best shot – call us now…. 01227 77 44 33 – leave a message and we may play them on Monday’s show!
And we learnt that to get one over on a shark, tickle it’s nose
If you are ever in this situation with a shark…this is what you need to do, it’s fact…read all about it here at Claire’s Weird News!

Thursday 19th April

We learnt that Poppy wants a new face
You know when your child comes up to you, with just a straight face and then comes out with a great quote? well James' daughter Poppy who’s 6 said over the holidays, "Daddy, I’m bored of my face."
This got James and Charlie thinking, as the Easter holidays have just happened – we needed an update on funny and cute quotes like that from your kids.
Here’s a few  
Anne Marsh Mummy was the world in black and white when you was a kid?
Emma Louise "mummy i dont want to go to nannys fancy dress party cos im a boy and i dont wear dresses " ....
Rebecca Belsey In Fenwick’s and my son says do we need to go on the alligator....meaning escalator.
We learnt that it’s a time for heroes
A 14 year old schoolboy has become an internet sensation after posting a video of himself voicing a mock film trailer!

The 32-second clip, which has been viewed over 144,000 times, was filmed in Jake Foushee’s bedroom at his home in America. Have a watch:

And we learnt that Mother Willcock has an owl draught excluder  
James and Charlie surpised Producer Matt by bringing his mum in on the show today, she got in touch with them to represent New Zealand in their 2012 Challenge.
James and Charlie made her stick around though and embarrass her son…
Mother Willcock comes for a visit...

Wednesday 18th April

We learnt the national anthem to St Kitts and Nevis
Today was, "The 2012 Challenge: The 100 days to go show".

Back in January, we were set this challenge To be photographed with someone from each of the 205 nations taking part in the Olympics.
You’ve been great so far, coming in, inviting us to your work places and your homes and we have managed to get 76 – which leaves us with only 129 to go!
The full list of countries we still need is here, but basically today – as we only now have 100 days – we really need your help…
So are you, or do you know anyone, from Laos, St Kitts & Nevis or even Turkmenistan who would have a picture with us? Contact James and Charlie!
Thank you!
We learnt about the game "Name the Chins On Charlie"
Yesterday James and Charlie mentioned that Chin implants (a.k.a. 'chinplants') – are becoming the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend – Charlie admitted that one of her brothers always says to that her chin is too small!
So we came up with the new game (just for fun), "Name The Chins on Charlie"… you just need to look at the picture and tell us the name of the people's chins that are on Charlie. Simple! It's a bit of fun for your workday so go and check it out now…. NAME THE CHINS ON CHARLIE… (answers will be put on facebook.com/heartkent later today!)
Whose chins are on Charlie?
And we learnt about a ghost that likes pinching bottoms
It’s true…and just weird…must be part of Claire’s Weird News for a Wednesday!

Tuesday 17th April

We learnt that Lara keeps newspapers in her work microwave
So,was it your first day back in the office after the Easter break? Did you turn up, go to your desk and find an email or a memo about a crazy new rule the boss has introduced?
James and Charlie did! Here at Heart we now have a new bin system… with the biggest set of dos and donts on what and where they can chuck stuff!
Charlie ended up taking rubbish home yesterday as it was easier than trying to work out which bin it should go in!
James just finished a jar of peanut butter, tried to find which bin it went in and wasn't sure, so he just put it in the sink...
Thanks for all your Crazy Work Place Rules – Karen in Sittingbourne let us know about those people who tipex their name on everything, and Lara called to say at their work they have a microwave in the kitchen but aren’t allowed to put food in it! Crazy.
We learnt that Charlie has the new nickname of "Chinplant Charlie"
Why? Have a listen to this…
Chinplant Charlie
And we learnt that the small n is a low priority fault
Last month we mentioned about the sign with a lorry on just before Junction 5 of M2 London bound carriageway that says ‘Gillingham’ And it has the annoyingly small ‘n’?!
We weren't alone in our annoyance, with everyone who had seen it agreeing with us, so we took it to the top to find out why this was and to see if they’d fix it. We spoke to the Highways Agency - they declined an interview but did give us this statement:
GILLInGHAM Highway Agency Response

Monday 16th April

We learnt that Karen Brady likes Brady’s Bunch
James and Charlie chatted to Lord Sugar’s right hand woman, Karen Brady. The tables were turned, after all the interviews she’s done and they grilled her…find out what happened here.
Also find out what happened when she took part in the Heart Breakfast Showbiz Board.
We learnt that Charlie has a lovely bunch of… daffodils
Monday Is it your first day back? It’s a full 5 day week aswll…what will you be doing to make yourself feelgood today? Charlie says she will get a bunch of daffodils – they’re only a £1 and they just look great!
These are some of the things you’ll be doing:

Lucy Maria Stevens Eat Haribo for breakfast! X
Rachael Kinnear go back to bed once the kids are on their way as its my day off woohoo !!
Colette Millett Count down the days to my holiday..... 5
Estelle Hyndman Oooo have another peaceful week off work :) x
Ruya Rose Kumru-Holroyd It's my birthday so I have some pressie's to deal with !
Tina Hills take my boys out to have their hair cut :) and mayyybe treat them to a mcdonalds .... Back to nursery tomorrow :)
And we learnt that Jane in Canterbury was very happy to be on our Hot Sausage
If you don’t know what we’re on about – check out the Hot Sausage and Mustard page here - and hear it live tomorrow and every morning at 6.25 am!