Heart Breakfast 20th-24th August

Find out what Neil & Charlie got up to the week of the 20th-24th of August!

Friday 24th August

We learnt that Neil's best man is never going to let him forget THAT weekend in Dublin

For the last few weeks while Neil has joined Charlie on Breakfast she's been chatting about his wedding, well as it was the last day of Neil on the show (James is back on Tuesday) Charlie had another surprise for him.

Neil's "Best" Man

Neil – have a great wedding day!

We learnt about the finger boo boo

Neil keeps a notebook about his Little Boy Alfie who is 15 months, as he grows up, they write down, what he does and when he does it. They're trying to add something he's started doing, but don't know what to call it.
He does this "ba ba ba ba ba"  - humming while flicking lips with fingers. But it doesn't have a name? We all know it…so asked if you know what it should be called. Loads of great suggestions – Wibblelips, Burbling, Jaber but Aston we think had the best, it is now officially going to be called Finger Boo Boo!

And we learnt that Neil's no longer stuck in the 90s

The whole team are really annoyed by one thing about Neil. His Answer phone message. Whenever we try calling it we always get caught out as he goes ‘hello’ leaving a gap – so you start talking – then the message carries on – we get caught out every time! It's a bit 90's – so Charlie asked is it Brilliant or should he Bin It? You voted for him to Bin it…so we got him to change it…have a listen to both of them here…

Neil's Naff Answerphone

Neil's NEW Answerphone

Thursday 23rd August

We learnt that Neil can talk to dogs

Yeah, things you find out about people.. this was after the story of Molly from the Saturdays who calls her dog every day on the 'dog and bone'. Neil said he had this 'power' to identify a breed of dog just from it's bark. Charlie didn't believe it so asked you to call in with your dogs for Neil to identify.

Here's how he got on with Christina from Rainham

Can Neil guess what breed Christina's dog is?

We learnt that Charlie is wearing a bridesmaids dress

Neil is getting married in a couple of weeks and Charlie really would like to be his bridesmaid. Like REALLY…so much that she decided to surpise him this morning by getting changed into a bridesmaids dress she brought! #ohdear

Charlie's Bridesmaid Dress




And we learnt a lot about the International Space station

Yesterday, Charlie told us to look to the skies at 9.13pm as the International Space Station was going over Kent – lots of you did and let us know you saw it.

If you did miss it though, Charlie took this cracking picture…

International Space Station

Neil unfortunately missed it as he was asleep, so Charlie told him all the things you need to know about the station. He loved it!

- has travelled more than 1.5 billion statute miles (that's 8 round trips to the sun and back, or 57,361 orbits around the earth)
- 51 metres long
- weighs 924,739 pounds
- more room inside than a 5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and a gym
- The crew are:

Aaaaaaaaaand, today's bright spark is Dixie!

Bright Spark - Dixie


Wednesday 22nd August

We learnt that Food Tunes are Fun

What a morning, we asked for your food tunes – food twist on songs or artists. Here are lots of the ones we got in…thank you so much!

Cheryl Coleslaw
Macaroon 5
Katy Perry Aide
Don Henley – The Boys of Summer Pudding
James Hash Brown
The Wanted – Chasing the sun dried tomatoes
Domino Pizza from Jessie J
The Real McCoy Crisps
Emlie Sandwich
Bruno Mars Bar
Heart Skips a Beat – Olly Murs
Madonna Kebab
Amy Winehouse – Back to Black Jack
Wet Wet Wet – Angel cake eyes
You’re the Bun that I want
American Apple Pie
Blondie – Chocolate Sundae Girl
Cake That
Tart Me Up
Something Got Me Tarted
Flan In The Mirror
Sausage Roll To Me
Golden Wonder Crisps Wall
Rolling in the Deep pan pizza
Smoothie Criminal
Rock cake With You
Maggie Mayo
All time low Fat Yogurt
Take Away That
Simply Bread
Simply Red Pepper
S club sandwich
Salt and pepper
Rolling Scones
The Pea Gees
Footlong.... (footloose)
Broccoli Spears
The Food Fighters
Call me Gravy - Carly Rae Jepson
Cod Stewart!
Fleetwood Big Mac!
Return of the Big Mac
Bruno Mars Bar
John Lemon
Michael Buble & Squeak
Mint aerosmith
Fatboy Slim-a-soup
Amy Cheese and Winehouse
 I'm your ham, by Spam
 Nat Burger King Cole
 Roll-ing in the deep - a deli.
Gary Baldi and Cake That
 I've had the 'THYME' of my life by 'DILL Medley and 'JUNIPER' Warnes.
Dusty Springroll
Cee Lo Green Beans
Pussy Kit Kat Dolls
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Hit me jelly baby one more time
Nicki Spin-ach
The Rolling Scones
 Celine Dion- The Hotdogs Go On
KFC and the Sunshine Band

We learnt that if you have 350 Combine Harvesters you're definitely single

This was one of the stories from Claire's Weird News – check it out along with a video of a parrot singing the Adams Family Tune and something Gold medalist Jessica Ennis is doing – right here.

And we learnt that at 9.13 tonight you have to look up

Stop everything at 9.13 tonight – go outside and look up, as this is when (according to Charlie and her contacts at NASA) you'll be able to see the International Space Station above Kent – if you do spot it, tweet us @heartkentradio…Charlie will be very happy. For more from what Charlie likes and an insight into her world – make sure you check out her show blog which is here, every day.

Tuesday 21st August

We learnt that we're poets and we didn't know it

In the news yesterday we learnt that the White Cliffs of Dover now have a Writer in Residence – Neil and Charlie spoke to Julian who said he's got the job of just writing about the White Cliffs. The guys wanted to have some of this and became the unofficial writers in residence for Maidstone and Margate. Here are their attempts…

Here is Neil's and his poem about Maidstone:

Maidstone, you are our County town,
Through you, you cannot see a frown,
There's nothing there to make you baulk,
At a shopping trip to Fremlin Walk.
As traffic flows on the A249,
Under the Bridges the river's divine,
And if your fill, is of The Mall,
And the corridors of of County Hall,
Then it's to Moat Park, one and all,
For games to play with a ball,
There's fun and laughter as people clown,
Maidstone, you are our County town.

And Charlie's about Margate..

Margate Margate with your sea so blue
Margate Margate how I love you
With your Shell Grotto all 'shell-y' and your caves all smelly ....
And your Harbour Arm slippery from the splashing waves
Donkey rides and candy floss and your arcades where we all make a loss
Margate Margate - we HEART you

We learnt that life without a kettle isn't worth living

This morning, Neil and Charlie heard some news no one wants to hear…the kettle broke! They didn't know how to carry on the show without some tea…there's not even a hob to boil water on! Tim from Medway then emails and said they could microwave it as it's something to do with vibrating atoms?! That seems to hard, so they just stuck with a glass of water!

And we learnt that when Neil makes his wedding speech the cake will be in tiers

Neil is getting married in 25 days, Charlie still wants to be his bridesmaid – but is speech is sorted thanks to you…have a listen, what do you think?

Neil's Wedding Speech


And finally, today's Bright Spark was Sean from Sittingbourne! Well done, Sean!

Bright Spark - Sean

Monday 20th August

We learnt that it's Heart Breakfast with Big Lad and Mad Cat

We were talking nicknames this morning - specifically one you have given YOURSELF...

Our producer has always wanted one - he has tried Mad Dog, PJ, Tuna, J-Beef... but no-one ever calls him these.

Neil and Charlie had a go at making up their own nicknames, so for the rest of the week, you are listening to Heart Breakfast with Big Lad and Mad Cat!

We learnt that Charlie has dinner with Bono and Chris Martin

Charlie's boyfriend has been to the magical mat shop again (remember the horrible bathmat from last week??)...

This time, he has bought Dinner mats... with garish pictures of celebs on them!! One of them is definitely Bono, but it took Charlie AGES to figure out the second one. Can you see who it is?

Charlie's New Dinner Mats

We learnt that I don't fancy Neil… because he's too muscly…

The latest news is that women don't find men attractive if they are TOO muscly... Neil thinks that's why Charlie doesn't fancy him.

Yeah, that's why Neil...