Heart Breakfast 23rd-27th April

Find out what James & Charlie got up to the week of the 23rd-27th of April.

What we learnt on the show...

Friday 27th April

We learnt that we love the number 78

James  and Charlie had a trip to Bluewater yesterday and on their visit  they bumped into Maken Alexander who was from Dominica, and he became number 78 on their 2012 Challenge – find out what what it's all about here.

We learnt that Charlie spent time on the studio floor

It's true… and you can see the evidence here. This is after James and Charlie's chat yesterday about vacuums (which you can listen here on yesterdays show blog). But here's a video of Charlie on all fours…(come on it's Friday! :))

And we learnt that James has found his food heaven in the Middle East

Pizza Hut's Middle Eastern chain has started offering chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers as crust stuffing! James thought this sounded like food heaven… what do you think? Food Heaven or Hell? Here's their advert for it...

Have a great weekend – James and Charlie will be back Monday from 6


Thursday 26th April

We learnt that Carol Smiley missed the fluff in the corner
The news is that men in Kent spend 26 hours a year outside shop changing rooms, waiting for their partners. This got James and Charlie thinking about all things changing rooms – and you got in touch with your observations...
Kim Schmid not very flattering mirrors
Christine Toomer Imposs to strip dwn witout panickin ya big bum is gonna move the curtain nd every1 will see ya at ya worst x
Tina Hills Curtains leave a gap making ya feel like everyone can see in !!!
Lynn - Coming out in an outfit you know is bad and looking at your friend - sharing the same mortified expression -saying 'no' and then going back in to change into the next one.....
Rachelle Bartrop I hate how all the assistants make you feel like a criminal if you dare try to take your big bag with you... I mean, they ask you how many items you are taking with you, give you a disc to take with you that also says how many items you have, so really, that should be enough said..... thats all, i will step down off my soap boxnow!!!
So if you are off shopping and go into the changing rooms, look out for James and Charlie’s top 5 things:
5. Fluff in the corner – there’s always a ball of dust
4. Size – it’s either too big or too small
3. There’s never anywhere to hang stuff
2. The Smell…always has a whiff of old trainers
1. The Curtains – they never shut all the way, someone could always see you undressing!
We learnt that Charlie vacuums on all fours
Listen to this to hear why
Vaccing up can help you lose weight...
We look forward to seeing it!
And we learnt that James wants a jumbo sausage from the most beautiful face in Britain
An 18-year-old schoolgirl who works part-time in a fish and chip shop has been dubbed Britain's most beautiful face.
Florence Colgate, from Deal, has mathematically perfect looks, according to scientists. The teenager's face is apparently perfectly symmetrical, and she has the "optimum ratio" between her mouth, eyes, chin, and forehead. Carmen Lefèvre, PhD student at the University of St. Andrews, said her "large eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips" added to her good looks. See a picture of her at Facebook.com/heartkent


Wednesday 25th April

What we’ve learnt on the show today…

We learnt Gary Barlow shared an Eccles cake with the Queen

Random story of the day…Take That’s Gary Barlow sang Happy Birthday to The Queen on her 86th — accompanied by Andrew Lloyd Webber on the grand piano.

It took place at Lord Lloyd-Webber’s country mansion. Her Majesty had accepted an invitation to join them for refreshments on Saturday — her actual birthday — following Newbury races. Andrew’s wife Madeleine is on the board of the Berkshire course and the couple live in nearby village Sydmonton. A source said: “Andrew and Madeleine thought it would be nice to go back to their house for some refreshments. Gary came along as well and Andrew suggested they sing Happy Birthday to Her Majesty. It really was a very jolly affair.”

The QueenWe learnt Camilla…the chicken is in space

Yeah not that Camilla but a rubber chicken…find out how…and why, at Claire’s Weird News.

And we learnt who Sally Silk lace is

As the weather was a bit pants today, we put the Wet Weather plan into action and give you three songs, Jackson 5 – Blame it on the boogie, Dolly Parton – 9 – 5 and the Black eyed Peas –I’ve Gotta A Feeling…and asked you what they have in common…

The answer is they are Are all in the Top 20 of Britain’s favourite wedding songs – and I gotta feeling is number 1…now when played at a wedding, James and Charlie then let you hear who they would sound at a wedding with the help of Disco DJ’s  Mike Tosh and Sally Silk Lace!

Tuesday 24th April

We learnt that it’s not you, it’s me
Have you been in that situation where you met up with someone who is a friend who you haven’t seen for a while, but you just sit there thinking, "we don’t have anything in common anymore"… well this happened to James the other day!
Now in a relationship, if this was the case, you’d call it a day – but as they are your friend there seems to be a rule where you have to keep in contact with them!
You even use some of those phrases that are used when breaking up
You gave us these –
It's not you it's me
It's just not the right time
I need to find out who I am
I'm not in a good place right now
My head is all over the place
I think the world of you
Can we have one last hug
Here’s what happened when James had all these…

James wants to dump a friend
We learnt that Charlie smells nice
According to new research, compliments beat shopping and chocolate when it comes to boosting a woman's mood! James put it to the test
Compliments are better than shopping
And we learnt that there’s a pilot that flys a porkchopper
Tim was doing Claire’s Weird News again today… and it was a good one! You have to read about the pilot who stopped off at a butchers… it’s all here on the Weird News pages.

Monday 23rd April

We learnt that Gareth Gates will be in Burgate
You can always contact James and Charlie, on twitter @heartkentradio, Text 82122, Facebook at facebook.com/heartkent or just call us, like this bloke did…
Gareth Gates gives James & Charlie a call...
We learnt that it’s a time for heroes
Since we saw the 14 yr-old who was on the internet doing a great ‘movie trailer voice’ – we had a go and then ask for your best movie-voice, we even set up an answerphone,
Now all this got James and Charlie thinking – these are good, but could you do any better?
As we now want to find the best movie voice in Kent…and if we like you, you can then put it into practice and be come a voice over to one of our videos!
So we’re going to put the answer phone on again – so if you haven’t called it yet – do it and leave us your movie voice message
This is the number you need to call, 01227 77 44 33
And we’ll pick our favourite and you can be James and Charlie’s Movie Voice!
And we learnt that Producer Matt has never been in a boyband – yet!
Claire had a day off today…so Tim Humphreys’ was being Weird, and gave us some Weird News for the day, you can read it all here, including the story about the New Zealand Radio Producer who got mistaken for a member of a boy band… James and Charlie then asked their Producer Matt if he had ever been recognised for the famous member of a boy band like Mikey from Boyzone, Abs from Five or even Howie from the Backstreet boys! He hadn’t...