Heart Breakfast 2nd - 6th July

Find out what James and Charlie got up to the week of the 2nd-6th of July!

Friday 6th July

We learnt that a baby looks just like a big brit award

What a year it has been for Adele! Awards galore! Her album "21" is the biggest selling album so far in the US this year! And this week she announced she is pregnant! What must be going through her head?


We learnt that Sooty and Sweep are staying!

Charlie is moving, and the time has come to clear out some of the stuff she doesn't need any more. She found a couple of things and wanted your opinion on whether she should get rid of them or not?

The facebook post

You came back with an overwhelming "NOOOOOOOOOOO"... so Charlie will have two more residents at her new place!

We learnt that Harry is brilliant at Swingballdon

Our last game of Swingballdon! James took on... his 5 year old son Harry!! This was to predict the result between Andy Murray and Joe Wilfred Tsonga later today at Wimbledon.

Harry wiped the floor with his Dad, which means Murray will win today! It will happen...


Thursday 5th July

We learnt that Producer Matt also does his own backing singing

Today's round of Hot Sausage & Mustard was a special one!

Producer Matt not only sang the main line, but also the backing lines! You can listen to it, or find out what on earth we are talking about, here.

We learnt that James and Charlie went to Namibia

The latest evolution of James & Charlie's 2012 Challenge - James & Charlie masks that you can download, print out, and have your photo taken with someone from one of the 204 countries taking part in the Olympics.

RadioWave, Namibia's Number 1 Hit Music Station, decided to get involved in the action and sent us these photos...

RadioWave in Nambia with the James & Charlie masks

Find out how to get involved here!

And we learnt that Charlie and Claire swung the ball a bit too hard…

To predict the results of the big Wimbledon match of the day, Serena Williams Vs. Victoria Azarenka, Charlie played against Claire Miller from News.

It was a closely fought match but, after a rather dismal performance yesterday, Claire Miller went on to win in style, predicting an Azarenka win!

Wednesday 4th July

We learnt that Katy Perry has gone to the supermarket to get potato sacks

Katy Perry was at the premier of her new film – Part of Me 3D…and it was apparently very Katy…

Katy Perry Vs. Reality
We learnt that Jerry has a Puerto Rico flag

Abby invited James and Charlie down to the Marlowe Academy in Ramsgate. They were holding a special MAWAD assembly and have students and staff from Moldova, St. Lucia and Libya – who the guys had their photos taken with – and have been added to our 2012 Galleries.

James and Charlie were also on stage doing a school raffle and then were marched to the headmasters office…for bacon sandwiches!
Also thanks to Jerry, originally from Puerto Rico but now lives in Ramsgate – who came to meet us for a picture with a Puerto Rico flag!

2012 Challenge - Puerto Rica
And we learnt that Andy Murray must dare to beat Ferrer

After pets predicting football scores ... we're doing SwingBall-don - we play SwingBall to predict who will win at Wimbledon today…
James and Charlie were in the Heart Garden, where they have a swing ball set up – today James and Claire from News were playing to predict the outcome of the big quarterfinal today; Andy Murray V David Ferrer.

James (representing Ferrer) actually won…let's hope the predicting is wrong!

James and Claire play Swingballdon!


Tuesday 3rd July

We learnt that Michelle in Ramsgate is £1000 richer

Wow – we had another winner on the Thousand Pound Minute – Michelle in Ramsgate got 10 out of 10 and walked away with £1000! It could be you tomorrow - we play again at 8.25am

In other news, James and Charlie predicted the winner of the big Wimbledon match today with another game of Swingballdon. James represented Serena Williams, while Producer Matt represented Petra Kvitova in a game of swing ball! James won, so Serena should be the winner. More Swingballdon tomorrow at 8am!

We learnt that there's now only 204 photos to be done

James and Charlie's 2012 Challenge had a big development this morning as one of the original 205 nations – The Netherlands Antilles - are now not competing in this summers games! So, it's now down to 204 countries taking part, which means they only have 94 photos to go after Julia from the Ukraine came in to represent her country.

2012 Challenge - Ukraine

And we learnt that there's no stewing steak in the Andy Murray curry

James and Charlie visited Kinara in East Malling – the home of the Andy Murray Curry…here's how they got on when they had a taste.

The Andy Murray Curry

Kinara - Andy Murray Curry

And if you like the sound of that – you and 3 friends can win a serving of the curry this Friday night – just go here to win.

Monday 2nd July

We learnt how to play Swingballdon

It’s the 2nd week of Wimbledon and today the  4th Round of the Mens Singles –
Andy Murray v  Marin Cilic (Croatia)
And this week James and Charlie want to predict the winner of the big matches by playing SWING BALL DON…
They were live in the Heart Garden, where they had a swing ball set up –

And they predicted Cilic will win!! Let's hope day one of Swing Ball Don isn't that correct.
We learnt what Britney and Cheryl would sound like

Will.I.Am aims to set up a duet between Cheryl Cole and Britney Spears.
Will.I.Am, who manages Cheryl and works with Britney, reckons a collaboration between the two would be “dope”.
Will said: “Britney would be great with Cheryl. When I’m recording with Britney I’ve four songs of Cheryl sitting there.”
He is masterminding Cheryl’s career both here and in the US,
We’ll James and Charlie were lucky enough to have first play of what happened when Britney teamed up with Cheryl….but as you’ll hear poor Cheryl could only learn the one line…

Britney & Cheryl Duet
And we learnt 4 out of 4 is simples

Well done to Spain winning Euro 2012 last night…but we knew that last week thanks to our predicting meerkats. Relive our sucessful animals here.