Heart Breakfast 30th-4th of May

Find out what James & Charlie got up to the week of the 23rd of April to the 4th of May.

What we learnt on the show...

Friday 4th May

We learnt that Herne Bay has the Movie Voice

We wanted someone to become James and Charlie’s Movie Voice – the best movie voice in Kent, who will go on to become a voice over of something very special
It’s something we’ve all done, so we wanted to hear you – we set up a special Movie Voice answerphone and every day it was inundated with calls. Out of all the messages, we then picked our Top 3, who were
Jez, Herne Bay
Claire. Herne Bay
Frank, Gravesend
And then we handed it to you and asked you to vote on who you think should be James and Charlie’s Movie Voice!
When this voting closed, this is what happened

Jez IS James & Charlie's Movie Voice
We learnt that the secret to a happy marriage is to have a well stocked fridge

This was just one of the bits of advice from Selma and Kenny, who have been together for 72 years and they've taken to the internet to give their top tips to surviving married life…

And we learnt that the shepherd-less pie is liked but not as much as David Beckhams sausages

The other day David Beckham celebrated his 37th birthday and posted pictures of it all on his Facebook, you can see them here. The picture of his cooked breakfast got over 60,000 likes… so James posted a picture of Charlie's Shepard-less pie from yesterday on Facebook.com/heartkent… to see if you liked it as much. You didn't.

Charlie's Shepherd-less Pie

Have a great bank holiday weekend, James and Charlie will be back Tuesday morning from 6.


Thursday 3rd May

We learnt that Pop goes the weasel goes on for 3 hours

What noise has kept you up?
Why is it when you are trying to get to sleep, you seem to hear every noise and then... just one of them… never seems to stop and keeps you up!
Both James and Charlie suffered from this yesterday. James, during his afternoon nap, had a wretched Ice Cream van! Like, how long can you play pop goes the weasel for? Charlie then said about an annoying Van that reversed and had the loudest brakes!

Was there any noises which kept you up last night. We heard you had trouble from seagulls, the rain and even foxes!

We learnt about Cher-lie O’Brien

James brought something online for Charlie which he wanted to use on her but wasn't going to until we made it to 14,000 likes on our facebook page – facebook.com/heartkent… and over night we did it! Thank you so much… so here is Charlie using what James got her… (this was all because James saw the picture of Cher with this big hair)
Cher-lie O'Brien
And we learnt Jez, Claire and Frank have got The Voice

Yep and there's no need for spinny chairs here… you only have until midnight tonight to vote for who you think should be James and Charlie's Movie Voice – vote here now!

Wednesday 2nd May

We learnt who our Top 3 are
Out of all the messages James and Charlie have picked the 3 finalists to become James and Charlie’s Movie Voice – it’s now over to you! Hear them all and vote for your favourite HERE.
We learnt that Charlie doesn’t know how to put a lid on it
Charlie mentioned she made a Vegetarian Sheppard Pie and had some left over…but couldn’t bring in any for James and Producer Matt as she doesn’t own any Tupperware, Matt wondered why she just doesn’t go to a Tupperware Party!
Do Tupperware parties still happen? Or are they a bit 80’s now?
Apparently they do – in some form... Jamie Oliver has is own but the best text was from Karen Cobb who said her mum held a Tupperware party once… but no one turned up! So she hasn’t held a party since. Aww!
And we learnt that James is a secret salon yodeller
This came out as German Yodellers made it into Claire’s Weird News – have a listen
Claire's Weird News - 02/05/12
And you can read all of Claire’s Weird News here.

Tuesday 1st May

We learnt that James has something in his bag he wants to use on Charlie

If you do online shopping – apparently our favorite time to make a purchases is after we’ve got back from work and eaten dinner at 8.05pm… this is true as James brought something last week online, and it came in the post yesterday.
Charlie doesn’t know what this is but it’s something he wants to use it on her!
But, there's a catch, James isn't  going to use it unless we get a couple more hundred likes to make it 14,000 likes on our facebook page – facebook.com/heartkent
So if you want to find out what he bought online and see him using it on Charlie – we need those likes! Like the page yourself and then tell your friends to do the same – and lets get the 14,000 likes!

We learnt that in a world we’re about to pick our top 3

We’re looking for James and Charlie’s Movie Voice – to find the best movie voice in Kent, who will go on to become a voice over of something very special...
Over the last week we were inundated with calls to our Movie voice answerphone – thank you so much! Here's some from the last 24hours…

Movie Voice Montage
Could any of those be James and Charlie’s Movie Voice?
Tomorrow on the show James and Charlie will contact their Top 3 – then it’s over to you… as we ask you to vote for who you think should be their Movie Voice!

And we learnt that Craig David makes mustard on Wednesday

It's true – if you don't believe us check out the Hot Sausage and Mustard page.


Monday 30th April

We learnt from Mr Voice Over
James and Charlie are on the look out for their Movie Voice (you’ve still got until the end of today to take part, just call the answerphone on 01227 77 44 33)
But if you want some help, James and Charlie spoke to the top voice over bloke in the UK, from the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent…Mr Peter Dickson.
Peter Dickson
We learnt that Seagulls are getting bigger
Loving the sun that was around this morning, but with it, outside the window James and Charlie spotted seagulls – which were massive! While you’re around the coast today, have a look, do you think the gulls have got bigger!?
And we learnt who wrote a book about Anthea Turner
Uggie the dog from The Artist, has been given a book deal.

The Jack Russell terrier, one of the stars of this year's 'Best Picture' at the Oscars, is having his memoir published. Titled "Uggie: My Story", the book will come out in October. His life story will be put onto the page by author Wendy Holden, who also co-wrote memoirs by Goldie Hawn and Anthea Turner.

Which bit in this made you laugh? The dog writing the book bit? Nope – the fact that this woman has written books for Goldie Hawn and ANTHEA TURNER??!