Heart Breakfast 30th July - 3rd August

Find out what James & Charlie got up to the week of the 30th July to the 3rd of August!

Friday 3rd August

We learnt that it's thumbs up Friday

After Claire's Weird News about a thumb wrestling championship – it got James and Charlie chatting about if people do actually still put their thumbs up anymore. Do you? If not make sure you do today as it's now officially #thumbsupfriday

We learnt what Charlie did behind her boyfriends back

Earlier in the week we were talking about Charlie's hatred of her boyfriends crocs…you helped decide what to do, have a watch…

And we learnt that Liza is buying loads of shoes with £1000

Wow – forget all the gold medals Team GB are winning – Liza from Ramsgate won £1000 on the Thousand Pound Minute today – all 10 questions correctly answered in 60 seconds! Well done – she's off to buy lots of shoes!! It could be you on Monday we play again…at 8.25am!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 2nd August

We learnt that Dover's weak bridge has been there more than a week

James spotted this strange sign on the Dover Jubilee Way – is he the only one who gets worried every time he drives over the bridge? Have you seen any strange signs?

Charlie saw one by the side of the muddy murky pond – saying 'Please do not eat the watercress!' …like we would! It looks horrific!

Weak Bridge Sign

We learnt where Ken in Maidstone got stuck

After seeing this great video of Boris Johnston getting stuck on a zip wire in a London Park James and Charlie asked if you have been stuck anywhere recently? 73 year old Ken got in touch to say he got stuck in the bath for 20 minutes as he couldn't get out – his wife just laughed at him, saying I told you not to have a bath. Poor Ken – he did say he sticks to showers now though!

And we learnt that Claire Miller is a youtube hit

No not our Claire Miller from News…but a little girl also called Claire Miller who is a hit around the world because of a video she's in…check it out and see why at Claire's Weird News pages here.

Wednesday 1st August

We learnt that we're going to have an art exhibition

At the start of they year, James and Charlie were set a challenge by Producer Matt to get a photo with someone from all nationalities taking part in the Olympics.
Thanks to you we have managed to get an amazing 138 – and we now want to celebrate this fact with the "2012 Challenge Exhibition" – where you’ll be able to see all the pictures displayed at an art gallery.
This Friday James and Charlie will be opening Heart Breakfast’s first art gallery exhibition – and we’d love you to join us.
It’s 11am in the Horsebridge Centre and Art Gallery in Whitstable High Street. So, if you were someone who helped, you know someone in the photos, or you just want to see the 2012 Challenge Exhibition and have some bucks Fizz – then head down – it’s free!

We learnt that the crocs are going to croak it

Charlie's Crocs

Charlie was back from her long weekend - her and the boyfriend were just sorting stuff out in their new house. While there though, Charlie found that he has a pair of crocs (those plastic shoe/slippers things)! She thought it was very wrong of him to have a pair and asked you if it's Croc or not? Lots a passionate responses -

Mel Armstrong Either they go or he goes would be my thoughts Charlie - absolutely detest them!!
Sheila Bull Oh Charlie - they are wonderful - I love them and wear them all the time!!!!!
Toni Harbour ooohhhh yuck!!!! bin em!!
Jackie Street Ive just bought a pair, I love them, just wish the family would stop laughing!!!
Gill Rivers I know how I'd feel if someone binned something of mine they didn't like, don't do it!
Jocelyn Toms Was Fleet They are great and soooo comfortable. Don't bin them and Toni is right no socks

And we learnt that's just not right

What food, when put together with another food, makes you say, 'That's Just not Right?'? A friend of Charlie's said she doesn't like meats with meat, James hates anything with orange in it, Tracey said baked beens and gravy, but Graham from Tonbridge had the best – boiled frog with roast duck! Now 'That's just not right!'

Tuesday 31st July

We learnt what a squiggle was

Claire Lawson was in for Charlie again today and, before she left home this morning, she had to pop into her daughters Gracie's room for something – it woke her up though and she wouldn't go back to sleep unless Claire gave her a 'squiggle'... Claire had no idea what this was, apparently it is a word Gracie and the babysitter had made up for being wrapped up in the bed sheets then tickled!

It got James and Claire asking for those words which  your kids use for stuff that you still use… we had 'woo woo' for cereal, a 'dobberey' for a TV remote and Producer Matt said he called cuddles 'cubbies'!
We learnt that Usain Bolt is as fast as a camel

Human beings "wouldn't offer much competition" in an all-species Olympics, according to a scientific paper. A feature in the Veterinary Record journal compared human feats of strength, speed and endurance to those found in the animal kingdom.

Usain Bolt, whose 100m record time of 9.58 seconds translates into a land-speed of 37.6kph, would be thoroughly beaten by the cheetah, which can reach speeds of 104kph. A greyhound can reach 69kph, and an ostrich 64kph. Bolt could just about beat a Dromedary camel, which has recorded speeds of 35.3kph.

In marathon running, humans would falter in comparison to endurance animals like camels and sleddogs. Meanwhile, human weightlifters would find themselves nowhere near the podium as they would be easily out-muscled by elephants, grizzly bears and gorillas.

According to the report: "What we are good at is being really versatile; we can sprint, we can run long distances, we can jump, we can swim, we can lift weights... what we would do well at is a sort of decathlon of swimming, running, jumping, and lifting."

And we learnt that you can now see James spitting all over Olly Murs

Still lovin' the Olly Murs gig at Quex park on Sunday – see all the photos here… and now you can watch the backstage chat James and Charlie had with him – where by the end of it James is spitting on poor Olly!


Monday 30th July

We learnt why James spat all over Olly Murs

Olly Murs and guests including Cover Drive were brilliant at Quex Park last night – check out all the backstage photos and ones of the fantastic crowd here. James and Charlie was chatting to Olly – and James wanted to take Olly on in a beat box off…Olly is really good…James isn't though and just ended up spitting all over poor Olly and Charlie!

James and Charlie with Olly Murs

We learnt Claire Lawson saw a badger that was this LONG

Claire Lawson is in for Charlie the next few days and on the way to the show this morning she had a fox run in front of her car and a badger…which was apparently  this big…she got quite freaked out, as she said you don't normally see badgers. Look out David Attenborough – Claire Lawson is here!

And we learnt hefferty work went into cows making friends

It was all about the Claire's this morning as Claire Miller was here with your Monday Weird News round-up…which included so udder-ly ridiculous story on Cows making friends – read all about it here.