Heart Breakfast 6th-10th August

Find out what James & Charlie got up to the week of the 6th-10th August!

Friday 10th August

We learnt our closing ceremony didn't include any Spice Girls

At the start of they year James and Charlie  were set a challenge – the 2012 Challenge
And over the last six months it’s been great fun getting your ideas, help and meeting you who have made Kent your home
We’d just like to say thank you and this morning we had a little look back on what’s happened – in our very own closing ceremony

That was the 2012 Challenge – you can see the journey and all the pictures now here – go on have a look!
We learnt what Charlie does with a banana

We played Carley Rae's Call Me Maybe this morning, during the song both Charlie and Producer Matt did this… #awkward
Call Me Maybe

And we learnt why we had to wear excessive safety gear indoors

For a bit of fun this morning we asked what James and Charlie we doing that had to involve so much safety gear – it was having a go on some Segways –

James and Charlie Segways









James is off for his summer holidays now - so Neil Kefford will be joining Charlie for the next two weeks on Heart Breakfast

Thursday 9th August

We learnt we did the show from a Tent

James and his family are going camping for the first time this summer – he was a bit scared – on the show yesterday we asked for some advice and Claire said you should always to a dry run the garden first…so James and Charlie did – in the Heart Garden during an hour of the show, they even managed to cook some stuff! Charlie wasn't happy about sharing the tent though!!
James and Charlie Camp

James and Charlie Camp 

We learnt how to do synchronise skating

There are so many sports happening in this years Olympics and we seem to be good at a lot of them – we asked yesterday what else could Team GB do, when we mentioned Synchronised Skating, the lovely people at Bluewater invited James and Charlie down to do a bit at their Rollerfest which is there all summer…here's how they got on…do you think Seb Coe will be calling?!

And we learnt Yama Yama Man was a big hit in 1908

Why? Have a listen to this…

What was it like in 1908?

Wednesday 8th August

We learnt to get on our bike

Producer Matt thought James and Charlie needed some time out after the show...so sorted out a surprise day trip...

This was just one of the fantastic cycle routes which Kent has to offer - to see more and get all the info you need for a great day out on your bike click here for a link to KCC's Explore Kent.

Thanks again to Explore Kent and the guys at Whitstable Bike Hire. Now on ya bike!

We learnt what not to say to a man

So yesterday Charlie asked 'What's the worst thing a man can say to a woman?' (it was 'you have child bearing hips) - now today James has turned the tables! Awful things girls say to men?! We had lots of ones that we can't put here…thanks!! But the best one we had was from Ryan in Maidstone who said 'it's only a game' - he said it's harsh what if a woman dropped a bottle of perfume – and the man turned round and said don't worry it's only a bottle of smelly water!


And we learnt we're doing the show from a tent tomorrow

James asked for your advice today as his family have got him to go Camping on their summer holiday, he's never done it before! Loads of you got in touch – a lot saying don't do it! But he has to – you said – go to a camp site so you have best of both worlds, just take your wellies and enjoy it and always take a air bed! Then Claire said on Facebook that you should always have a trail run the garden first! This gave Charlie a great idea – James has to bring in all his camping gear in tomorrow and they will go camping during the show! Listen tomorrow from 7.30 – as they go into the Heart Garden and camp…let's hope the sun is out!


Tuesday 7th August

We learnt the worst thing a man can say to a woman

What is the worst thing a man can say to a woman?! Charlie reckons her boyfriend said one of the worst things to her this weekend! We asked you to guess – we had loads of great guesses – but hoping none of them have actually been said!

Emma Mason My ex is a better cook than you?
Paul Jarman He asked you if you wanted gift vouchers for Bon Marche for your birthday?
Michelle Wiles Called you by the wrong name.
Karl Cullen Is that a grey hair I can see ?
Lena Dalton yeah probably 'oh is that what youre wearing?
Richard Edwards I thought you was getting dressed up lol
Debbie Roberts have you put a bit of weight on !!
Erin Moorey U remind me of my mum!!!!
Tina Taylor-Abbott Your friend looks really nice, why don't you ever wear stuff like that???
All good guesses - but what he actually said and is the worst thing a man can say to a woman (according to Charlie O'Brien) is  'You've got child–bearing hips'!

We learnt there's lockdown at Yumm-o Burger

After yesterday's chat about those important words – which everyone uses – James and Charlie put them to the test in a situation at the well known fast food chain - Yumm–o  Burger

Yummo - Burger

And we learnt Chitty's Chittys child catcher now has a bike

Are there any Olympic sports that scare you? Charlie reckons at the cycling the bloke at the front all in black which set the pace for the race – looks like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – also she things the cyclists actually look like hornets with their helmets and googles on! Fencing and gymnastics were some others you suggested!
But we can't let this pass without reminding us of the scary Child catcher!


Monday 6th August

We learnt that the pivotal logistics are fundamental

We were asking, what are the words that make ANYTHING sound important?

London airspace was in LOCKDOWN... Olly Murs was in LOCKDOWN...

Some others we had were:


We learnt that a lonely man can make a tasty cake

Producer Jack spent his weekend as any single 23 year old bloke does... baking a cake?!

He even wrote a poem about it... yeah. Here is a picture of him - look how proud he is! But we were asking, does he need to get out more, or does this make him the perfect fella?

Producer Jack's Maple and Pecan Loaf


We learnt that we will be telling our children's children's children's children's children about this moment…

It's easy to get caught up in the Olympic hype... as this Olympic worker demonstrates! Very funny...