Heart Breakfast 6th-8th of June

Find out what James and Charlie got up to on the show the week of the 6th-8th of June!

Friday 8th June

We learnt that we had a creepy hot sausage

James and Charlie described today's Hot Sausage and Mustard as 'creepy'…what do you think? Have a listen here.

What will it be like next week? It's back Monday morning before 6.30am.
We learnt that Charlie can bend and snap

All week we've been giving away tickets to see Hit musical Legally Blonde at the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury. It's staring Les Dennis, Ray Quinn and for tonight (Friday) only our very own Charlie O'Brien! James wanted to give her some advice so asked for some top tips from the show's director.

Top Tips for Charlie!

Have a great time if you're going – let us know what you think of Charlie and find out how she gets on during Monday's show

And we learnt there’s a heated pool in Herne Bay

And James and Charlie think they found some extreme stay cation action! The called Dan, one of our Heart Angels who is on holiday at the moment, this is what he had to say

Dan's Exciting Holiday


Thursday 7th June

We learnt that we’ve reached the big 5 – 0

Today we only have 50 days until the Olympics starting in London! That means James and Charlie only have 50 days to complete their 2012 Challenge! Luckily, Rosie heard their song, Mambo Number 2012, and came in with her mum Sharon as she is from the Maldives! Thanks Rosie and please get in touch if you can help with any of our other countries that are still on the list.

2012 Challenge - Maldives

We learnt what women secretly love doing

A new survey has revealed that one in three women secretly love doing housework!

A third of women admitted they enjoy doing housework, but almost four out of ten of those who love cleaning admitted it was a secret passion and they would never tell their other half they enjoyed getting to grips with the housework!

The study found vacuuming, tidying up and wiping surfaces clean are three household chores women enjoy. But cleaning the oven, the toilet and doing the ironing were the ones they were most likely to hate. Household tasks which required too much time, too much effort or were labelled ‘disgusting’ were most likely to be left to their other half. These included cleaning the oven, cleaning the toilet and taking the rubbish out.

Charlie agrees with this - she loves a bit of cleaning lately. Especially the bathroom... nowt better than a bit of Mr Muscle?!

And we learnt what you’d do if you found an alien in your garden shed

Random Question of the day; after hearing that most of us think that Aliens secretly live amongst us, we asked what would you do if you found an alien in your garden shed?

Amanda Stringer would charge the alien rent
Sarah Orchard says she’d make the alien get rid of all he spiders so she could go into the shed herself
Nathalie Miliken reckons she’d let the alien borrow her sat nav so it could find its way to the USA, which is where they always seem to be in the films
Gerald McCarthy says he’d ask the alien if they’d seen his cordless drill, because its been missing for ages!

Wednesday 6th June

We learnt that a hair salon's lucky number is 20

Who's on Heart is back at 10 today where you can win £60,000 – but what would you spend the money on if you won? A new hair do perhaps? Producer Matt called Pure Indulgence, a Hair Salon in Folkestone, to find out but also tried to get song titles into the call. Have a listen, how many can you hear?

Matt tries to book a hair cut...

The answer is below!

We learnt that Charlie made a pledge

What a weekend! 4 days off – we asked for you to give us '4 words 4 your 4 day weekend' - Charlie's were, "Bunting, umbrella, pledge (the dust polish!), and eggs" whilst Producer Matt said, "Family, Flags, Highland Cattle (he went on a walk and found some in Canterbury!)".

Here's just some of your 4 words 4 the weekend:

  • Britain at it's best
  • Best family fun jubilee
  • What an amazing weekend
  • Where was the sunshine
  • Love 4 day weekend

And we learnt another use for Velcro

The long weekend maybe over but it's still half term for the kids, so Heart Breakfast had some help on what you can do will your little angels…

Half Term Help