Heart Breakfast 8th-11th of May

Find out what James & Charlie got up to the week of the 8th-11th of May.

What we learnt on the show...

Friday 11th May

We learnt that Prince Charles has a friend in Scotland called Gayle

And apparently she has problem with wind...

This was the news that the Prince did a weather report on a Scottish TV station. There weather wasn't great though – however, this weekend it looks like the sun will be out for us here in Kent, so we asked what you'll be up to. Lots of weddings going on (have a great day if you are one of them), also you'll finally get your summer wardrobe out, cut the grass and hang your washing outside!
We learnt that you can call us anytime

We’ve set-up James & Charlie's VoiceMail!

Whatever you want to say, you can leave your message anytime. It might be a birthday, an anniversary or you might just want to say ‘hello’ to someone. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you, so leave your message on ... 01227 77 44 33
It’s James & Charlie’s VoiceMail, and we could play your message out on the show.

And we learnt that we had a winner on the TPM

Everything was right; it was Friday, the sun was out and Karen from Lordswood had the day off with her husband so had time to phone to play the Thousand Pound Minute... and was picked to play here's how she got on with the 10 questions:

Karen on the Thousand Pound Minute

Well done Karen – it could be you on Monday from 8.25!


Thursday 10th May

We learnt that Heart Breakfast is…

Over the last few weeks we have been searching for someone to become James and Charlie’s Movie Voice – the best movie voice in Kent. We found Jez from Herne Bay who joined they guys in the studio this morning to put his voice to this…

Movie Voice winner Jez

A massive thanks to everyone at Wildwood who let us use their park (and wolf) for some of the shots in this.
We learnt that we haven’t heard from Britney for Spears

Charlie learnt some hot of the press (well off our twitter @heartkentradio – tweet us sometime!) that Britney Spears has been signed for 15 million dollars to appear as a judge on the US X Factor. James is looking forward to this as we don't usually hear Britney speak!
And we learnt that for 5 grand you can get a hornster

Cyclists who battle to get themselves noticed on the roads can now buy a horn that is louder than Concorde!

The triple air horn fitted to the bicycle is an Airchime KH3A from an American locomotive, which has been adapted to run off a scuba diving cylinder. It is so powerful that at a distance of 100ft it is far louder than a standard truck horn. The Hornster, on sale for £4,995!

Wednesday 9th May

We learnt what happens when you spend a day in an airport

You can get photos with all these nationalities – James and Charlie were taken to Heathrow airport by the guys at Streamline Taxis in Maidstone for their 2012 Challenge and managed to have photos from someone from each of these countries..

James and Charlie head to Heathrow

Dominican Republic
St Kitts and Nevis
That takes them to 94… only 111 to go – please let them know if you can help!

We learnt that Charlie is top dog

According to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the trend for animal names increasingly mirrors babies’ names.

Charlie is the most popular name for male cats and dogs, with Jack, Max and Alfie in the top ten. Bella, Molly, Lily and Daisy were in the top ten for female cats and dogs. Macho names Tyson, Rocky and Diesel all figure in the dogs’ top ten list... But the charity also took in a number of animals with unusual names, including several Guccis, one Megatron, a Hero Pig and a cat called Mr Bean.

And we learnt James brought a very intimate Pyrex dish

When you’re in a supermarket just picking up some bits (which aren’t that healthy) for a party or something, do you then buy some healthy stuff, just so you’re not judged if you see someone you know or when at the checkout?

James and Charlie called it Trolley Panic – James does it when he needs to get 'stuff' which he is embarrassed about, and ends up buying cheese spread and a pyrex dish to hide it. Shell, said she just gets her boyfriend to buy her stuff. Anneline just said doesn't matter what people think! Linda just wishes she had the person in front of her's trolly!

Tuesday 8th May

We learnt what our big announcement was

Our announcement was that for Who's On Heart you can now win £5000 for getting just one of the celebrities right and if you get the 2nd you'll get £10,000 – more info here and check those wrong guesses here.
We learnt an elephant can play the harmonica

Yep, it's true and it was one of Claire's Weird News stories for today – watch the video and also see the story about hundreds of tiny dogs, right here.
And we learnt we don’t have a third, as producer Matt couldn't type it out under pressure!

What things can’t you do under pressure?
You know how you try and do something and someone is watching over you – you can’t seem to do it!
Charlie is like it when parking, and there are people watching and waiting for her – but she's fine when no one is there.
And We’ve found out Producer Matt can’t put in numbers on the phone when Charlie is standing over him with the number
What things can’t you do when you’re under pressure and someone is watching you?
Jenny – packing shopping when it's busy!
Claire can’t talk if someone is looking at her in a meeting
Spencer – he can't type when someone (mainly his boss is looking over him) he must wonder how I cope and why I’m in the job – as I just go to pieces!
James - don't watch me doing something, let me get on and do it  then come and have a look