Heart Breakfast 9th-13th July

Find out what James and Charlie got up to from the 9th to the 13th of July.

Friday 13th July

We learnt Friday 13th doesn't have to be unlucky 

Yes it's  Friday 13th but it doesn't have to be unlucky – James and Charlie asked why it was lucky for you. Lots of people's birthdays – Happy Birthday, especially to Jimmy Scamp in Canterbury! Also Alex and his mates are off to Amsterdam, Leo has his school prom and Sammy just hopes she wins the lottery!

We learnt what Charlie wears on holiday

Apparently Women wear 28 outfits during a week-long holiday... that's four changes every day…and they still don't wear everything they've packed!

According to a new survey, the average woman will change her clothes four times every day when enjoying a weeklong break. And incredibly, one in ten women will even get through at least seven outfits each day when they are holidaying abroad.

Charlie agreed – and went on that she changes up to 4 times a day on holiday – for breakfast, for the lunch, for the pool and then to go out in the evening – while James just said he wears the same shorts with a few t-shirts.

Lots of you were the same as Charlie though -  Jo in Chatham said Charlie is right – go girl! x


And we learnt JB from JLS needs to head to the Kent County Show

The Kent County Show kicks off today  - go and see the Heart Angels they're there with your chance to win – but James and Charlie said someone from JLS needs to head down there, after it was in the news that JB is on the lookout for livestock for his farm in Kent.

JB said: “I’ve decided I’m going to have a deer farm. I’ve been doing my research and there’s certain times in the year when it’s best to buy them….I’m going to have a few females and one stag.”

 “I’ve already got chickens so eggs are sorted. “And the orchard has apple and cherry trees. Oh and there are really good plums too so I can make some jam.” Hopefully see you in Detling Hill then JB!

Have a great weekend – James and Charlie are back Monday from 6

Thursday 12th July

We learnt Charlie's locker number

Charlie needed to find out if she's alone on this – she went to the gym and couldn't use locker 206 which she ALWAYS uses! She's clearly a creature of habit! What makes you a creature of habit too?!
Louise Lloyd I always used to park in the same spot at the supermarket. I remember actually saying once, ohh someone is in my space , then realised what i said
Kayleigh Brind I like locker 205 which is above the cleaning cupboard and if someone's taken it I get really annoyed
Matty in Strood I like making sure my slippers r in the same position i left them in the morning or im nt happy.
Sally Rotsey 280 and I get the right hump if some one has got there before me

We learnt that Nick Knowles isn't Beyonce's Dad

Just to confirm…

Mr Knowles - Beyonce's dad...
And we learnt why James was wearing a sailors hat

Yesterday on the show we spoke about those stock photos in frames which you buy – you know the ones with the cheesy couples etc…well here at Heart Breakfast we wanted to give you the Ultimate Stock Photo – James, Charlie, News Claire and Producer Matt…a normal scene of them after each show!

Heart Breakfast's Stock Photo

Wednesday 11th July

We learnt that James has photos of people he doesn't know up in his house

Yesterday we were talking bad presents, then when James got home he noticed one he has in the house – and he's not alone - It’s a photo frame which is up but still has the stock photo in which came with the frame!

James' Photo Frame
Alex Heyland - My best mate and his wife have several frames in their house with a similar insert in all of them which looks like the same couple. It's become a thing amongst our friends that they have new friends that none of us have ever met. We have come up with a story as well. It's been going on a few years now

Lennie Langley - Hi James sad to say yes I hav n to make it worse it a multi frame that only has matalan printed on the inserts ... Still it only been above the fireplace for 6years ;-) x

Jayne Page - Yep, received a photo frame for our wedding in 2005! Still not put pictures of us in it. We moved 2 years ago and I unwrapped it and put it back up!! I often wonder if they are a real couple and if they are still together...

We learnt that Charlie will be dancing in front of the mirror with curlers in her hair

Charlie’s moving in with her boyfriend Jay, and is worried about the things she does on her own that her he will find out about.
They are her Fake tan routine, wearing curlers in bed watching Katie Price, and Irish dancing to herself in the mirror
Now on the show yesterday James spoke to Jay and he came up with a great idea…that there should be a video of Charlie doing all this! Charlie said she would only do it though if we got 15,000 likes on our Facebook page…

15,000 Facebook Likes...

And we learnt that they speak Belarussian in Belarus

There are only 17 days until the Olympics and that means James and Charlie only have 17 days to complete their 2012 Challenge! They've done well and today they ticked another nation off the list thanks to Natallia from Belarus – check out all the galleries which includes all 116 photos at the 2012 Challenge page.

2012 Challenge - Belarus

Tuesday 10th July

We learnt that someone has a cow bell in their house

Bad present? It's been said men believe that they get their wife the perfect gift every year, even though their wives are cringing at how awful it is! We asked the women of Kent and we had some great ones, including a tyre pressure device, an excerise bike, an atlas and this call from Donna in Ramsgate…

A Victorian Cow Bell...

We learnt that Charlie's boyfriend had a brilliant idea

James and Charlie spoke yesterday about Charlie's Secret Single Life - She is moving in with her boyfriend Jay and is worried about the things she does on her own that he will now find out about! Which includes a Fake tan routine, wearing Curlers in bed while watching Katie Price and Irish dancing to herself in the mirror!

James called her boyfriend to warn her about this – he was quite shocked but then came up with this brilliant idea.

Jay's brilliant idea...

Charlie has agreed to do this video but only if we get over 15,000 likes on our Facebook.com/heartkent – go on like it…tell your friends!!

And we learnt that you shouldn't wear Batman's Cape

Batman could fly using just his cape but would suffer serious injuries when trying to land, according to a study of the aerodynamics of his winged attire has concluded.

In fact, he would be travelling so fast that he'd crash and would probably die.

The claim was made by student physicists at the University of Leicester. They wanted to see whether the 15ft wingspan of Batman's special rigid cape - about half that of some hang gliders - would be enough to keep him airborne over Gotham City. If Batman jumped from a building 492ft (150m) high, the team discovered, he could glide a distance of around1148ft (350 metres). But his velocity would increase to about 68 mph as he descended before reaching a steady 50 mph as he approached street level - a speed too great for him to survive without serious injury.

The group of four students concluded that he should consider taking a parachute for a safe landing.

Monday 9th July

We learnt that one way systems scare us a bit

How do you get on when driving in Chatham? James and Charlie get scared since the one way system was introduced! They mentioned this after Claire news story about a driver, fined twice in a week for driving through the new Chatham bus station, who has joined calls for improved signs and a better layout on the road to make it clear that it is closed to general traffic.
Louis Thebaudeau says he followed his sat nav; didn't see any road closed signs and was in a queue of traffic which followed the same route.
Medway Council have said that the Bus station is clearly marked with signs saying only buses and taxis are allowed through and there even messages warning drivers not to follow their Sat Navs!

So good luck if you're driving around Chatham today...

We learnt that Charlie dances in front of the mirror with curlers in her hair

Charlie is moving in with a fella for the first time and she is worried about the things she does on her own that her boyfriend will find out about!

Have a listen - how would you cope?

Charlie's Secret Single Life...

And we learnt that Producer Matt got a digging spade

It was Producer Matt's Birthday at the weekend, so James and Charlie got him a present... but he had no idea what it was! They took this picture and asked for your help on Facebook.com/heartkent

Producer Matt's Present

He was very surprised when he opened it that it was a brand new digging spade to put in his garden shed!