Heart Breakfast Videos

These are just some of James and Charlie's favourite videos from the internet

On Ya Bike

Producer Matt thought James and Charlie needed some time out after the show...so sorted out this surprise day trip...

This was just one of the fantastic cycle routes which Kent has to offer - to see more and get all the info you need for a great day out on your bike click here for a link to KCC's Explore Kent.

Thanks again to Explore Kent and the guys at Whitstable Bike Hire. Now on ya bike!

Marriage Advice

A couple who have been together for 72 years have given their top tips to surviving marriage and this video has gone all over the world. Bless!

Voice Over Boy

A 14 year old schoolboy has become an internet sensation after posting a video of himself voicing a mock film trailer! The 32-second clip, which has been viewed over 144,000 times, was filmed in Jake Foushee’s bedroom at his home in America.


2 Year Old sings Adele


Adele may have competition for her crown as the most popular female artist of the moment, from two-year-old Makena, whose adorable performance of Someone Like You has caused a sensation on YouTube.



Round Robin with Robin Cousins!

James and Charlie were joined by Robin Cousins who's in Kent starring in Grease The Musical - and James wanted to play with him a game called 'Round Robin'...which we had to film!

An English teacher has quit school for a hip-hop career after beating one of his students in a rap battle.

A clip of Mark Grist's victory over 17-year-old MC Blizzard has been watched by more than 1.5 million people on YouTube. Mr Grist started by using rap in class to try to get his pupils interested in poetry. He said: "It has helped to inspire my pupils to achieve, and given them a much stronger interest in English. I've always loved poetry and my interest in rap stemmed from there. I am not a cool rapper. I'm probably the squarest one you'll meet." In the viral clip, suit-wearing Mr Grist is seen using his superior linguistic skills to demolish his teenage opponent.

The most watched videos on YouTube 2011 are out and here are 3 of them which have been our favorites over the year. A talking dog, a song about a day of the week and Kent's Gregg Wallace rapping...see them all here.

Basic Christmas Presents

Forget the ipads and expensive presents! How much fun you can have with a pair of roller skates and a cuddle dog in a tutu!


The Mega Breakfast

Mega thanks to Mark and everyone at The Dalby Cafe in Margate. The rules are if you finish the platter in 20 minutes, you get it for free. How did James get on.....?



Confession Time..

Charlie admitted to us that when she is alone in her flat she walks around like the man from the R Whites Advert.

So we tracked it down and then made our own version!

Watch the original ad from the 80s


Now watch Neil and Charlie's remake!



Circus Tricks

As part of Charlie's '30 things to do before turning 30' she wanted to run away to the circus, so we went to do some circus training! There was juggling, diablo, unicycle...but was Charlie brave enough to do the trapeze?!



Body Brolly

Charlie has always wanted to create her invention that she made up when she was a child - the body brolly! See what happens here...!



James and Charlie flew in a helicopter into the golf course at Sandwich in time for the Open!



Can Charlie fit in a suitcase?

Yesterday in Claires Weird news (read here) she told us about a man in Mexico who was smuggled out of prison in a suitcase…oddly Charlies always been told that she’s so small so could fit in one – so as one of her 30 things to do before she’s 30 she’s had a go!



Seal Rescue!

Producer Lucy has volunteered to be a Marine Mammal Medic! Here she is demonstrating how to rescue a seal - using James as the seal! 


Inspired by Beyonce's workout video for kids, we decided to make one for the kids fo Kent! We asked you to decide what song to dance to and you chose 'I want a brand new combine harvester'! Thanks to Mandy Ellen dance school in Maidstone for choreographing some moves for us and providing backing dancers! 

Spirit of Britain

We took a trip on the 'Spirit of Britain' and got some fascinating facts about Kents newest ship!


Fish spa

Fancy having your feet nibbled by fish? We went to Aquasanctuary spa in Strood where fish ate the dry skin from our feet leaving them nice and smooth!


Running Challenge

To kick-start James 'Get Fit' campaign charlie challenged him to a race around the car park - see how he got on in his special sportswear!



Dance lesson

James Get fit campaign continues, this time he gets a dance lesson from a pro to see if this is the new exercise that will get him fit...!


Kents famous gorilla!

Did you hear about the gorilla that can walk like a man?! He's become an internet sensation and he lives in Kent!