How did you meet your other half?

It's the classic small-talk topic - how you met your other half. It makes for some great stories though!

So take 5 minutes, put your feet up and have a read through some of these fantastic stories - submitted by you guys.

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Stuart Blackledge At a holiday camp disco in Great Yarmouth. 30 years ago. Who says holiday romances don't last.

Caroline Hobbs I met my hubby when we were 5 years old! We were in the same Primary School class until we left for secondary school. We stayed in contact & started going out when we were 14. 12 years later we're still together, married, with our first little one on the way!

Jamie Snr Mackenzie Met my missus at my ex missus' house lol

Laura Harper Now Sackley Met my husband in 2001 in Amadeus of all places but something good has come out of there still married with two gorgeous boys

Julie Lethby I met my husband on Dover Beach in 1969. He was with his friends and I was with one friend. And a seagull pooed all over me! All his mates laughed but he walked me down to the sea to help me wash it off! Been together since then!

Stephanie Shepherd Online dating website. Yep I know what your thinking! However we are now engaged and have a beautiful baby boy, and extremely happy. So they aren't all bad

Shell Chapman I met my other half reenacting at military oddessey he was a soldier and I was a pirate - match made in heaven

Charlie Anderson I met my fiancé at my best friends wedding, less than 2 years ago! I was a bridesmaid and he was a guest, we spent the entire evening talking! He moved from Somerset to Kent for us to live together 6 months later and we're getting married in June, 2 years after our first "official" date.

Gib Tye Whilst I was visiting A&E in Bolton

Johnny Adams I met my wife Cheyenne through the Late Show on Heart's Facebook page. Having similar musical taste we got chatting and it's developed from there

Emma Such I met my husband Jon at work. He was my boss and I hated him. I have diary entries of me moaning about him and saying how much I hated him. He was so mean!! Then he stood up for me against a bullying manager and I saw him in a different light. That was 13 years ago and now we are married and have a beautiful daughter together!

Christine Johnson I met my husband in his dad's chipshop! Been married for 33 years and have our own chipshop in Eastry

Gill Hopkins Mine was my next door neighbor

David Walker met on a blind date 12 years ago been married 4 1/2 years with to wonderful sons

Vicki Gore On dating site signed up on the Tuesday ....he messaged me on the Wednesday ....arranged to meet on the Friday...... And the rest is history best £60 I ever spent! Lol

Shelley Barron Met at Air Cadets when I was 14 and he was 16. 14 years later we have been married 10 years ( in August) and have two children aged 4 & 7.

Sam Bentley 13 years ago in the tunnel between England and France! Been married for 9 years with 2 boys

Tracy Bradnock Paddle boarding

Laura Brice In a field full of sheep in the Lake District - on a Venture Scout camp! We were 21 & young leaders. That was 1986! Been happily married 23 years

Cheryl Turner Packing fruit at Del Monte's when I was 17, it took 16 years though before the man said yes

Emily Spicer In blue water when shopping, 6 years ago now.

Sally Jerome Met at work- classic he was vet and I was vet nurse, but it took a long time for him to propose , he went to work in Australia and then realised he had left the love of his life in the uk. He came back on a Wednesday we married on the Saturday and both returned to Aussie on the Monday.!! Lived there for 15 yrs had 2beautiful children returned to live in uk and somehow still together 40yrs later.

Kerryn Roby Worked together, but got together after my husband missed his train and needed a lift home!

Been together nearly 16 years, married nearly 12.

Still very happy! Have a beautiful little boy and hoping to extend our family soon.

Marie Cheeseman Me and husband met at gillingham ice bowl 18 years ago and now married with three boys

David Sunderland Works conference in South Africa. Trip of a lifetime !!!

Sarah Irene Devlin Alright James and Charlie. I met my other half when I went to sing for a mate, he was the guitarist in the band. So rock and roll.

Claire Saunders Met my hubby at his sisters wedding where he was best man, started dating the following month. Married 2 1/2 years later, been married for 24 years next month

Sharon Whale On the train station at Clacton on sea

Jill Anne Partridge I meet my husband ten years ago whilst doing Jury Service at Maidstone Crown court. We were both on the same jury and spent all the breaks chating and flirting !

Emily Hodgson At the gym. He started talking to me while I was on one of the machines.

Michelle Dollimore I did a 100ft abseil for RNIB and he came to watch with a friend. Went for a drink after and he kept texting me. Been together 10 years now

Jenny Langrish Met my husband 35 years ago at his next door neighbours house, I used to sell avon then and always had a cuppa there, he would be there at the same time, which led us to believe his neighbour did a bit of matchmaking lol, well it worked !!

Frances Nancy Lowrey At a house party we kissed in a game of spin the bottle. 2 years later we are living together!

Sue Groves Fell over picking grass and dandelions for my guinea pig in stillettoes outside a swimming pool!

Rosemary Nicholson Butlins bognor regis, been together for 12 years, married 9 years;-)))

Jane Reynolds Somersett met my other half .. when i was visiting my ex husbands mum and dad

Sarah Powell Images night club in Dover before it closed

Sam Hoti On the Dover Calais ferry - the burgundy

Rebecca Roberts Errrrr..... I am single


So, there you have it. Doesn't it make you feel all warm inside?