James and Charlie's 2012 Challenge

On their first day back for a new year, Producer Matt set James and Charlie a massive challenge

2012 the year of the Olympics coming to London and to celebrate. Producer Matt set the challenge to get James and Charlie photographed with someone from each country that is taking part in the games...all 205 of them, yes 205! (Well actually, from July we found out that the Netherlands Antilles are no longer competing so brings the number down to 204!)

They had until the games start on 27th July to complete the task...but they couldn't do it without your help, they asked if you are, if you know anyone or would you be having friends or relatives from different countires over to Kent.

Through out the Challenge as well as lots of you visiting the Heart Studios - James and Charlie traveled to London, Heathrow and the Olympic Park to try and get as many as pictures at possible.

In the final week - James and Charlie wanted you to join them for a 2012 Challenge Party - where you could represent Great Britain and have breakfast with Heart Breakfast - thanks to Sarah, Kate and Grace who joined the party!

Also during the games - all the photos were displayed in an Exhibition in a Kent art gallery.

Here is a celebration of the 2012 Challenge - thank you so much for all your help it's been fun!

And here are some of the highlights which have been on Heart Breakfast

Check out all the amazing photos below.