Learning Minute

Every Monday we educate you on a topic. But we have to do it within the minute so swe're up against the timer! It could be about anything, if you have a suggestion for the Learning Minute then contact us during the show!


Tips on how to be a good friend

Click here to hear them



Click here to learn all about ants!


Click here to learn some tips on first date etiquette!


To celebrate the return of the miners this learning minute is about Chilie!


Click here if you want to hear about the world's biggest stuff! 


Click here if you want to hear about a newly discovered galaxy


Click here if you want to hear tips for how to sustain a happy, healthy relationship


Click here if you want to go 'Mercury spotting' tomorrow morning

If you are awake at daybreak on September 21st then look up to the sky as you could see the planet Mercury!


Click here to listen to everything you need to know about 'Meat Free Monday' 

It can help save the planet apparently...!


Click here to listen to an explanation as to why the chicken came before the egg 

Yes, there really is a scientific explantion!


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