A Look Back At January

2013 started with a busy ol' month. Join us for a look back at what's happened on Heart Breakfast.

Given that January is typically the month of the blues, there has been a lot going on at Heart Breakfast to cheer you up and make the start of the year that little bit more bearable.

There's been a whole host of Obscure Days In January To Celebrate, including Bubble Bath Day and Appreciate A Dragon Day.

Producer Matt has been giving you his Shed Loads Of Advice for 2013. Words of wisdom. From his shed. And the man is very wise indeed. If you haven't seen any of the videos yet, click here to watch some. Pay particular attention to those familiar gnomes in his garden!

And we've given you a better explanation of the year's hottest film so far - Life of Pie.

If you missed any of it, it's all on our Breakfast pages, and we thought we would sum it up in 2 minutes for you:

A Look Back At January