Neighbours Remixed

The Aussie soap is looking for someone to re-sing their iconic theme tune.

That's right. The guys behind Neighbours have decided it's time for a refresh of the theme tune we all know and love.

They are inviting people to sumbit themselves re-singing it, for the chance of heading down under to record it professionally and have it used over the opening credits.

When James and Charlie heard this news, they were bouncing up and down with excitement (DOWN, BOUNCER!) and immediately went their separate ways to record their own versions.

They asked you to vote on which one should be submitted, and 70% of the vote said "Charlie".

Here are both of their attempts. Let us know which one YOU think should have won the vote!

Neighbours Theme - James

Neighbours Theme - Charlie


And if you ever wondered what a dance version of the Neighbours opening theme might look like, check it out!