Numbers 1 - 5

To embrace turning 30 Charlie is doing a '30 before 30' list.

Here are the first 5 on the list...all completed!

1. Fly in a helicopter

Charlie has always wanted to fly in a's number one on the list for a reason! And she was lucky enough to even have ago at flying it! See how she got on in this video

2. Be in a music video

Although this hasn't technically happened yet - Charlie asked JLS if she can appear in their next video and they said yes! We're sure she'll keep hassling them on twitter until it happens!

Hear the interview with JLS here


3.Present something on a foreign radio station

Canada Radio Charlie O'BrienAnd what better than getting our Charlie O'Brien to present on a station in Canada with a male presenter called Charlie O'Brien!

We originally heard from Charlie's namesake back in June when our Charlie was off on hols.  Charlie from Canada helped us out a bit on our show and offered for Charlie to appear on his show when he saw this list!  

Charlie on the radio in Canada

4. See a wild seal in Kent

Charlie O'Brien 30 before 30 sealThis happened by accident when our old producer Lucy was called out to help a stranded seal in Herne Bay. (She was a Marine Mammal Medic)

Of course James and Charlie tagged along too.

James and Charlie are not really sure what happened to the seal, because the last sighting was of it diving back into the sea with Lucy's cardigan in it's mouth. We all hope it's ok.

5. Meet a hero of Mine

 I was a VERY lucky lady and had the amazing privilege of meeting Henry Winkler at his OBE party. Henry has been recognised by the queen for all his amazing work with children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.  Well I can safely say, he's one of the nicest people I've ever had the honour of meeting.  What a chap.  Here I am with Henry - do you recognise the other fella too?!  It is of course Heart's Toby Anstis.

The Fonze with Charlie and Toby

As if meeting the Fonz wasn't enough - he then called me and James for a chat!  Find out what he said to me when I asked him to get into his Happy Days character.

Henry Winkler - The Fonz