Numbers 11 - 15

To embrace turning 30 Charlie is doing a '30 before 30' list.

Here are numbers 11 to 15 - maybe the most random of the list this lot!

11. Go Dog Racing

With 80 of you! Thanks so much to the guys at Sittingbourne Greyhounds for such a fantastic night!  Have a listen here to find out why Charlie nearly missed her own night out and scroll down to see a gallery of pics at the bottom of the page!

Charlie's Dog Race

Heart Breakfast go to the dogs






12. Eat fish

Charlie has been vegetarian since she was 6 years old.  For a while now she has been thinking of trying fish, so what better time than as part of '30 Before 30'?!  We gave Charlie a fish finger to eat on the show.  She didn't like it. Might be something to do with the fact that James gave her a frozen fish finger heated up in our dodgy microwave in an old plastic tub?!

13. See if i can fit in a suitcase

Charlie is quite petite (5'3'') and people have always told her she could 'fit in their suitcase' when they go on holiday.  So naturally she wanted to see if she can ACTUALLY fit in a suitcase.  Yes she can.  And so can newsreader Claire.

Charlie O'Brien suitcase





14. Do the show in a Ballgown

I just wanted to do one of the breakfast shows when dressed up - usually James and I don't look our best, well getting up a 3.30 - you just chuck on the first bit of clothes you find! So for one day only...we looked like this

James and Charlie dressed up








15. Go planking under one of the Heart transmitters

 As planking is all the rage - Charlie decided she wanted to have a go.  James suggested taking it a step further by planking under one of our Heart radio transmitters, with Take That.  So off they went to the transmitter in Dunkirk!

30 before 30 planking