Numbers 16 - 20

To embrace turning 30 Charlie is doing a '30 before 30' list.

Here are numbers 16 - 20...all completed!

16. Hop Picking (well cultivating a field actually)

So, being a Kent girl, Charlie has always wanted to go hop-picking and put in on her list.  However we left it too late and only started making inquiries about doing this AFTER the hop season - oops.  So, James had a brainwave. 

James & Charlie ploughingWhile we were at Mount Farm driving the tractor - surely we could do some ploughing or something instead?  Close to hop picking?  Erm, sort of!  So it was sorted.  Charlie helped cultivate some of the land ready for planting wheat.  James had a go too (to straighten Charlie's wonky lines).




17. Run away to the circus

Charlie has always been fascinated by the circus - so when it came to Ramsgate, James thought it was the perfect opportunity to get Charlie doing something daring like a high trapeeze act.  Charlie completely wimped out and became scared of heights - but Producer Lucy and newsreader Claire had a go.  Charlie tried (and failed) at the uni-cycle.  James had a go at riding a tiny bicycle - it was an interesting sight.

 18. Ride a Harley

Charlie's Harleys

Charlie's Harleys

Big thanks to the Invicta Harley Owners group who turned up in the work car park and took Charlie, James and Producer Matt on a trip, not just round the car park but all the way to Margate on their Harley's!















19. Drive a tractor

30 before 30 - Driving a Tractor

30 before 30 tractorCharlie has always fancied being a bit of a farmer for the day and driving a tractor.  Matt Cullen from Mount Farm in Elham got in touch and offered Charlie the chance to visit the farm and having a go on the tractor.  So off they went, Charlie in her wellies and James in his farmer-style barber jacket and had a go!


20. Learn to Cook

Charlie learned to cook at the only cookery school in Kent! Listen to the audio below and follow the story on how Charlie got on with this comic strip!

Charlie Learns to cook comic

30b430 Number 20 - Learn To Cook