Numbers 6 - 10

To embrace turning 30 Charlie is doing a '30 before 30' list.

Here are numbers 6 to 10, a varied bunch...

6. Go to Dungeness because I have never been!

It's some where in Kent Charlie has never been - home of two light houses and a nuclear power station it's a uniquie part of our county. So James took her there, see all the amazing photos at the bottom of this page and listen to how Charlie found it here.

 Number 6 - Dungeness

7. Go To the filming of a TV Show

Charlie Take Me Out





'No Lighty - No Likey' Charlie went to the Maidstone studios to watch the hit dating show Take Me Out presented by Paddy McGuinness being filmed, have a listen to how she got on below

Number 7 Take Me Out 

As you heard, she even got to go in the famous lift, here's the evidence

Paddy was also kind enough to have a chat with Charlie about the new show will will be on in January.

Charlie Take Me Out

Paddy McGuinness

8. Be an alpaca keeper for the day (erm is spending time with a cow the same thing?!)

Charlie loves animals and has always rather fancied being an alpaca keeper.  Once again, due to our slight disorganisation (hey, we get up at 4am) this hasn't happened.  Whilst at Mount Farm - James had another bright idea - why not look after another animal instead?  Farmer Matt offered to introduce us to his calf, who is so friendly he gets taken to cow shows.  He wasn't too keen on us though.  Charlie spent some time in the field trying to coax him over.  He came but didn't hang around long.  Worthy of ticking off one on the list?  Well Matt the farmer said so .... that's good enough for us!

James & Charlie cow



9. DJ in a Kent club

It's something that is very different to DJing on the radio, Charlie wanted to try it and instead of messing up anyone's night out her and James turned up to a Nightclub at 11am one morning...and had  a go, see all the pictures at the bottom of this page and a big thank you to New York Nightclub in Herne Bay.

Charlie DJ's in a Kent Club

10.Try Archery

It's something Charlie has never done before and after watching Robin Hood films she's always thought of herself as a bit of a Maid Marian...luckily James didn't bring his tights! Big thanks to Nikki and all the other members of the UKC Archery Club who let is visit for the day, hear how they got on here.

Number 10 - Try Archery