Predicting Pets

It's all the rage animals that predict big sporting results.

It all started with Paul the octopus at the football world cup, this year for Euro 2012 there were match-predicting llamas and a polish ferret.

James and Charlie wanted to jump on this band wagon and show that anyone's animals are psychic!

First up was Charlie with her pet rabbit Simba.

Simba was right and Spain won 4 - 0

Producer Matt was next with his cat Benson

Benson was correct and England did win this game 1- 0. He even made it onto the Telegraph website.

Charlie and Producer Matt had done theirs - it was James turn...but he didn't have a pet...did he?

Pet or not - Adam the Ant was correct and Spain won on penlites. 

So James and Charlie's animals had got a hat trick - for the final they thought they should up their game....with something a bit different.

And yes the Meerkats were right...and Spain won Euro 2012...simples.