Pun For The Road

Every morning we play 'Pun for the Road' for the early risers at 6.30. We give you a news story and you give us a suitable pun relating to the story. The best pun gets a money-can't-buy Heart mug!

This mornings story:

A Dutch zoo is calling on the services of an Olympic gymnast to teach orangutans how to swing through the trees.

The zoo located in the centre of the country, said it had renovated its orangutan enclosure to allow the primates to swing from tree to tree in an outdoor setting above the viewing public - but the animals appear to have lost the knack of it.

Olympian Epke Zonderland hopes to re-teach them.

He said: "It is said that we can learn from apes how to climb, but this time they've asked me to get the apes back into the trees"


Todays winner of the Heart mug was Mike from Deal with 'chimpnastics'!



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