Robin Hood of Tunbridge Wells

Robin Hood.. Not of Sherwood Forest, but of Tunbridge Wells?!

It has recently been revealed that the infamous bandit, stealer-from-the-rich-giver-to-the-poor, Robin Hood might not have been from Nottingham after all.

Historian, Sean McGlynn, is suggesting that the legendary archer could have been William of Kensham - a freedom fighter who led a band of brigands and lived near Tunbridge Wells!

Now, if this is the case, then James and Charlie decided that the famous song needs a bit of a re-work...

James and Charlie - Robin Hood


And here are the lyrics so you can sing along:


Robin Hood, Robin Hood,

Riding through Maidstone,

Paddock Wood, Paddock Wood,

He calls Kent his home,

He's from Tunbridge Wells,

So ring out the bells,

For Robin Hood,

He's not from Sherwood,

He's from Tunbridge Wells.