Shout About The Show

We want you to Shout About Your favourite Breakfast show - Heart Breakfast with James and Charlie

Shout about the show

James and Charlie had to go to an important meeting with their marketing department – who want us to shout about the show

We need to get it out to as many be people that we we need your help!

Wherever you are Shout About The Show

Wherever you go Shout About The Show

Just by saying

Wake up to Heart Breakfast with James and Charlie, weekday mornings from 6am

Wake up to James and Charlie

And we’d love to see you doing it  - make a video, take a picture send it to us.

  • Maybe you’re at school and your class want to shout it
  • You could change your cover photo on your facebook
  • Write in in the sand on a beach
  • Get a coffee shop to write it on your cup
  • Do you work in a Supermarket – can you do a tannoy announcement?

You can be just go down the road, at work or the other side of the world - just shout about the show and let us know

  • Will you be on holiday – call us and shout it out now around you
  • Get the message on the village hall or post office notice board
  • Are you a café do you want to put on – The Heart Breakfast Breakfast?
  • Change your answer phone message

If you want to do something and need our help to film it, or just want to send us what you've done - fill in the form and someone will get back to you.

James and Charlie took a trip to Palace Wood Primary School in Maidstone who shouted about the show! Video below and you can see all the photos from the school here.


Our Costa Rican chums sent us this! A corrected version of the infamous "BAM" video! Check out the first one below if you don't know what we mean!!


Here's a man in the jungle! Shouting about the show, wearing some brilliant get-up!!


Rikshaw! Yes, I'm sure. It's a man shouting about the show from a Rikshaw!!


James and Charlie couldn't have you do all the work...Who would have thought buying Lemons would be so eventful?!


Here's a flipping good shout from our friend Jericho in the Phillipines!


Shouting has gone Stateside!! Chuck the "Preacher" (so he says...) did this for us! But perhaps he doesn't know the show as well as he claims...


Big thanks to Sezza from Maidstone who did this number for us and even painted her face!


Our first shout has come back... from Costa Rica!! But see if you can spot the small error...