Text in the Blank

Text In The Blank and make us laugh!

Every morning we'll read out a story, but blank out a word or words.

Then all you need to do is fill in the blank!

There's no right answer, there's no wrong answer - there's just your answer.

The funniest or most creative will win a Heart Mug

For you chance to win simply text your answer to 8 21 22 starting the text with the word 'Kent'.

We'll select the ones that makes us chuckle most to win and be in touch.

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21st January:

Celebrity Text in the Blank: The best thing about being Michael Buble is ___

The winner was Brush with ‘being able to eat fried chicken and still look good!’


20th January:

Couples _________ for an average of 312 times a year - mostly on a Thursday at 8pm for ten minutes (argue)

The winner was Ade with ‘share a Heart mug as they only have one!’


19th January:

  ________'s are set for a big come back this year in pubs and restaurants.

(Scotch Egg's)

The winner was Mick with ‘customers’!


18th January:

Rescued turtles at an Aquarium in Bristol use _________ to stay warm

The winner was Carol with ‘Shell suit’!

14th January:

Celebrity Text in the Blank:

HARRY HILL: ‘I don’t always always wear shirts with big collars…on my days off I like to relax by wearing ________’

The Winner was Paul the tool with ‘the rear end of a Dobin the horse suit!’



13th January:

A change of heart by the Royal Household has cleared the way for an official _________ to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

(tea towel)

The winner was Jackie with ‘car bumper stickers with ‘hoot if you saw the wedding!’


12th January:

33% of adults have admitted that_________ is their New Year’s Resolution for 2011

(being a better parent)

The winner was John with ‘divorce’! He jokingly said that he would have one this year but he can’t afford it! Or maybe he wasn’t joking in which case its not funny!

11th January:

An Italian man who was struck in the head by a _______ during New Year's Eve celebrations is recovering after sneezing it out of his nose.

 (a stray bullet)

The winner was Nick from Margate with 'Party Popper'!


10th January:

A baby penguin was rescued after waddling into _________in Germany. (a sleeping lions den at the Zoo)

 The winner was Dave with ‘zebra crossing and getting lost!’



7th January:

Celeb Text in the Blank! This week we heard from Paul McKenna (who is on the show next week):

‘Look into my eyes, I can make you ______’

The winner was Rich with ‘A Heart mug winner!’ Well done you’ve done it yourself!


6th January:

Brits are twice as likely to end a relationship over ___________ than any other reason.(money)

The winner was Wendy with ‘letting themselves go!’

5th January:

One in three business travellers share __________ due to cut backs. (hotel rooms with a colleague)

The winner was Cheryl from Ramsgate with 'a siinclair c5!' If you can’t remember what they look like theres a pic of one on our facebook page!


22nd December:

A well known Pizza restaurant is offering anyone dressed as ______a free pizza. (santa)

The winner was Derrick with 'a reindeer thong'!


21st December:

Angelina Jolie has reportedly bought Brad Pitt a  £250,000 __________ for his 47th Birthday. (ring)

The winner was ricky with ‘A baby manual!


17th December:

Celebrity Text in the Blank! This week it’s Stacey Solomon: ‘Now that X-Factor is over for another year, we can all spend our Saturday night ______’

The winner was Lisa from Strood with ‘perfecting the soloman pebble throw!


16th December:

X Factor champ Matt Cardle is keeping a promise to an old friend made before he was famous by ______(perform at his wedding)

The winner was Jack in Dungeness with ‘singing to dogs in his high pitch voice!’


15th December:

A new survey of online flirting has found that the best Internet chat-up line for men to use is _________

("You have beautiful lips." )

And the winner was Dave from Rochester with ‘Can I take you for a gigabyte to eat?’!


13th December:

A record 24 varieties of _______ are being sold by a supermarket this Christmas. (Christmas pudding)

The winner was Lisa with ‘Cheryl Coles hair colours!


9th December:

Philip Muspratt has built a garden wall and fountain out of _________ in Co. Durham (empty beer cans)

The winner was Dover Dave with ‘Westlife CDs!’ Well done you get a Cee Lo Green CD and Heart mug!


 8th December:

A school in Norwich has banned ________ as they make pupils restless. (Energy drinks)

The winner of the Cee Lo Green CD an Heart mug was 12 year old Holly with ‘Baked Beans’!


30th November:

A woman from Spain has registered .................as being her property. (The Sun)

The winner was Theresa with ‘Wagner’!


26th November:

Celebrity Text in the Blank!

This week we had Olly Murs… I was runner up in last years Xfactor, but not a lot of people know that I came first in ______

The winner was Chris with ‘balance a ball on his hooter!’


25th November:

A fifth of pet cats and dogs get _______ every day (a home cooked meal!)

 The winner was Kelly from Rainham with ‘wear dolls clothes’


24th November:

Women are turning ________ for the festive season as it makes them feel more positive and confident (scarlet)

The winner was Chris with 'into walking xmas trees'


23rd November:

Kent motorists spend more than 8 months of their lives _______ (in traffic jams)

The winner was Tonia with ‘picking their nose'


19th November:

Celebrity Text in the Blank!

This week we had Charlotte Church who said: I’ve been singing since I was young but I’ve only just learnt _______

The winner was Kev in Dover with ‘that Gavin is vain and can’t dance for toffee’! 


17th November:

Adults start ____________ at the age of 38. (losing touch with younger people).

The winner was Charlotte from the bakery with ‘collecting cats’!


12th November:

Celebrity Text in the Blank this week was Tom Jones!

‘For the perfect day I would spend 24 hours _____’

The winner was Steve the policeman with ‘in the green green grass of home wouldn't be unusual but would keep his hat on’!


11th November:

The world’s most exclusive _______ costs £618,000 and can be bought at Harrods. (advent calendar)

The winner was Kirsti from Dover with ‘the last Take That ticket!’


10th November:

 Ex Bond girl Brit Eckland is refusing to ………………. when she appears on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here’ (wear a bikini)

The winner was Helen from Gillingham with ‘Undo her ponytail and let her face sag.... ‘!


5th November:

Celebrity Text in the Blank! Win tickets to Leeds Castle fireworks this weekend!

Today we heard from Roger Moore who said that even though there were a lot of Bond girls ______ was the one that never saw the light!

The winner was Sue in Maidstone with ‘Pat-io-doors…she was a big bird!

4th November:

Mariah Carey reveals that ________ is the secret to getting pregnant (daily acupuncture sessions)

The winner was Lyn in Chatham with ‘stood in a grow bag’! Well done you get tickets to Leeds Castle fireworks!

3rd November:

Katy Perry was _______ during her honeymoon with Russell Brand, which she said was a very painful experience.

(bitten by a spider!)

The winner of the Leeds castle fireworks tickets was Wendy from Ashford with ‘called up by Jonathan Ross’!

2nd November:

Tickets for Leeds Castle fireworks to win in Text in the Blank!

A Chinese groom who works for a heavy machinery company used a fleet of ________ instead of wedding cars to save money. (real answer mechanical diggers)

The winner was Sarah, Jake and Ellie with ‘spacehoppers’!

1st November:

All week in Text in the Blank you could win a family pass to the Leeds Castle fireworks spectacular!

Here’s today's blank: According to the research, only 19% of young people have __________with a further 4% claiming to not know what it was. (real answer ‘used VHS before’).

Well done Kelly for suggesting ‘learnt how to make their parents a decent cup of tea in the morning!'

29th October:

Celebrity Text in the Blank: This week Katie Price!

People think I’m a very public person but I’m actually very private. One thing I’d never do in public is _______

The winner was Ricky with ‘appear without a detailed image rights contract whilst getting milk from the co-op!

28th October:

Britain’s fastest _________is in Huddersfield. But Southampton has the slowest. (broadband)

The winner was Taz the lorry driver with ‘milkable cow’ (because it’s in ‘uddersfield’). Well done you get yourself a Michael Buble album and Heart mug!


27th October:

To get my hands on some Take That tickets I would _________

Well done to Thomas for winning a Michael Buble album and Heart mug with ‘I’d make you all tea and toast in the morning for a week!’

26th October:

Pixie Lott has said she'd love to feature in a film about ___________ (football hooligans!)

The winner was Paul with ‘robbing banks as she picks zee locks!’

25th October:

All this week we're giving away a Michael Buble album as well as a Heart mug!

The world’s biggest __________which is 16ft long and weighs 4 tons has been made in Armenia. (bar of chocolate)

The winner was Scott with 'ego...news is that Simon Cowell and Rooney are battling over it!'

22nd October:

On this mornings 'Celebrity Text in the Blank' we heard from the Saturdays… On Monday we like to do the gardening, on Tuesday we hit the gym, Wednesday is laundry day, Thursday we go to the cinema and on a Friday we head to the shops, but on a Saturday we like to ______

The winner was Ian with ‘move it move it’ as in the song!

21st October:

Surgeons left a _________ in the throat of a patient giving him a voice like Barry White (latext gloves).

The winner was Tracey with ‘a walrus’!

20th October:

The Glastonbury Music Festival has been called off for 2012 because _______

(The London Olympics will have all the portaloos) 

The winner was Skippy with ‘the PM decided to cut the grass’

19th October:

Justin Bieber has said how he cried like a baby after _________ (failing his theory driving test).

The winner was Charlie from Chatham with ‘After the doctor told him his voice wouldnt get any deeper’!

18th October:

A study has revealed that nearly five million British adults are _________ (scared of the dark)

The winner was Craig with ‘5 million adults are in canterbury city centre whilst im on my lunch break’

15th October:

Celebrity Text in the Blank! Joan Collins says ‘I’ve always dreamt of the playing the role of ______

The winner was Kevin in Margate with ‘a hotdog’!

14th October:

Sir Cliff Richard will celebrate his 70th birthday today by _________

(real answer having a private party and a day off from performing)

The winner was Damon with ‘have a summer holiday!’

13th October:

Simon Cowell relaxes before x-factor live shows by _______ (real answer: relaxing in the Jacuzzi whilst watching cartoons)

The winner was Kim with ‘spending lots of time squaring off his hair’!

12th October:

One of the most successful Halloween costumes in the United States is a ___________ 

(real answer oil-splattered engineers boiler suit)

The winner was Jackie from Minster with ‘Sharon Osbourne post op’!

11th October:

A farmer was recently trapped under a _______for 3 hours! (real answer cow)

The winner was Wendy with ‘Mr Blobby!’

It had slipped and broke a leg whilst being milked in Kotovo, russia

8th October:

Text in the Blank celebrity special!

This week James went to meet Kim from TV’s ‘How clean is your house’ and this was her blank: ‘I went to a house once and found a  ______ in a cutlery drawer!

The winner was Sharon from Canterbury with ‘a raunchy love letter to Gino D'acampo’!

7th October:

A supermarket is investigating a woman's claim that she found a _______in a bottle of wine. (real answer Frog)

The winner was Olivia from Ashford with ‘genie’! genius

6th October:

The worst plague of _______ in recent memory is devastating France's Bordeaux wine region (real answer squirrels)

The winner was Juliet from Canterbury with 'Kent Hops'!

5th October:

Goodies star, Bill Oddie is ____________to raise cash to protect endangered apes.

(real answer re-releasing the groups hit, Funky Gibbon which got to No.4 in 1975)

The winner was Cliff with ‘doing the cancan whilst wearing a beard of bees’

4th October:

A teenage boy has qualified as Britain’s youngest _______at the age of 15. (real answer cricket umpire)

The winner was Dover Dave with ‘chancellor exchequer he couldnt do any worse’!

1st October:

Text in the Blank Celebrity Special! Today we heard from JLS! We’re not supersticious but before we go on stage every night we like to ____

The winner was 6 year old Olivia with ‘feed their goldfish’!

30th September:

Customs chiefs found 10 million ________ hidden among 75,000 tomatoes in a shipment from Spain (real answer cigarettes)

The winner was Karen with 'Justin Bieber fans'!

29th September:

The worlds first alcoholic drink to be made purely out of ______has been launched.

(real answer nettles)

The winner was Andy with ‘Kangaroos…and they’d call it alcohops!

 28th September:

Cops are ditching their regulation baseball caps in North Wales after people said they looked like _______

(Burger Bar workers)

The winner was Nita with 'Lego men'!

27th September:

Villagers are being entertained by a posse of _________ on a 40ft high phone line (real answer squirrels)

The winner was Louise with ‘ballerina meercats’!  

24th September:

Families could cut annual heating bills by £360 by _______

 The winner was Terri with ‘using your pet cat or dog as a fur collar’!

23rd September:

‘A woman in Germany upset by a neighbours noisy children’s party, retaliated by ________’

Your suggestions: ‘being a sour craut’, ‘put towels on all their chairs’

The winner was Phil with ‘frowning harshly, poking her tongue out at them and humming whenever they tried to talk to her’!

22nd September:

30% of women don’t leave the house without _________ (real answer make-up)

Your suggestions ‘husbands credit card’, ‘calling Gok wan’, ‘having the last word’

But the winner was Cass with ‘leaving a pointless list of jobs for her husband to do which she knows in her heart of hearts will not get done, yet lives in the vain hope that it might get done’!!

 21st September:

Carol Vorderman plans to have fifty ____________ In the next 12 months. One for every year of her age! (real answer ‘parties’)

Our winner was Keith with ‘Vowel movements’!

20th September:

Almost two thirds of the ten million of us with a garage have never ____________ in it. (real answer ‘park a car’).

The winner today was Chris with ‘convert it to an indoor swimming pool’ as he thinks it would be ‘the nuts’!

 17th September:

Fridays mean a Text in the Blank celebrity special!

It came off the back off a story about a newsreader who was caught reading the news in his boxer shorts! Today we had John Suchet on the show saying

‘What you don’t realise is that under the desk we have _____’

Your suggestions: ‘Leopard skin leggings’ ‘rubber chicken’ and ‘chocolate body paint’ but the winner was Nic with ‘the hind legs of a pantomime cow’!

16th September:

Ann Widdecombe has had it written into her Strictly Come Dancing contract that she doesn't have to .............(real answer wear raunchy outfits)

Your suggestions: ‘shave her legs’, ‘bodypop’ and the winner was Charlotte from the bakery with 'Laugh at Bruce's jokes'!

15th September:

Alexandra Burke is planning on getting two new ________ after she got to No.1 on the Big Top 40 at the weekend. (2 tattoos)

Our winner was ‘heels, as her’s are broken!’

8th September:

A British airplane en route to Poland was forced to make an emergency landing after a woman ________(spilled a hot cup of tea on herself)

The British woman was treated for scalding at the airport and released - but not before the plane resumed its journey without her. She later took a train to Poland, police said.

The winner was Shaun with ‘found Wayne Rooney in her handbag’!

7th September:

Man blows up his bathroom, all because he was trying to _______(catch a spider)

Christopher Robinson was ‘encouraged’ by his wife to chase the spider but it escaped and scuttled behind the toilet. So he grabbed a can of deodorant and sprayed it towards the spider. But the lightbulb had blown – so he sparked a lighter to get a better look...The resulting explosion blew him back into his hallway and the fireball scorched the bathroom at the couple’s home in Clacton-on-Sea. Mr Robinson said: ‘I feel a bit of a fool. It was like something Del Boy would do in Only Fools and Horses.’.

The winner was Steve with ‘keeping his pet cow in there overnight and lighting a match’!

6th September:

Scientists say they've finally discovered science behind why men are able to _______ harder than women. (kick a football)

Using 10 video cameras, 21 retro-reflective markers and 16 electrodes, researchers monitored what happens when men and women kick a ball. They discovered significant differences in knee alignment and muscle activation between men and women, giving men more power. Male players apparently activate the hip flexors in their kicking leg and the hip abductors in their supporting leg more than females.

The winner was Helen from Gillingham with 'nag more'!

3rd September:

A woman who reported a burglary had to apologise when her daughter admitted making the mess trying to find her ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________(Bikini)

The woman rang police thinking her house in Germany had been ransacked by burglars.  But her 16-year-old daughter turned up as police were trying to work out how burglars had entered the locked flat and told her mum she’d not had time to clear up after finding her bikini. A police spokesman said: 'It looked like a classic break-in when we arrived, ornaments had been broken, draws emptied and furniture upended. It was chaos, but there was no sign of forced entry.'

The winner was Jackie with 'A spare glass eye'!

2nd September:

Olly Murs says he had to wear _________as a disguise at this year's V Festival to avoid being recognised by fans.

(A pair of leggings ripped up to use as a balaclava)

The X Factor reject said his friends became annoyed after repeatedly being asked to take pictures of him with festival-goers. So Murs says he ripped up a pair of leggings and used it as a balaclava with a pair of sunglasses on top to cover his eyes.

The winner was Anne with 'A Joe McElderry mask'!

1st September:

 A little black dress that doubles up as a _______ is to be launched in Britain.

 The garment, branded the M-Dress, lets wearers make and receive calls by slipping their sim card under the label, allowing them to keep their usual numbers. Gesture recognition software allows users to pick up a call by raising their hand to their ear and end a conversation by letting it fall to their side.

The winner was Alison with 'Vibrating exercise belt'! (real answer 'mobile phone')

31st August:

Simon Cowell has threatened to dock X Factor contestants' ________ after reports they trashed his luxury rented villa in Spain. 

They were in Marbella to impress Simon at boot camp and are said to have caused damage to precious carpets and designer furniture.  They have also been accused of drinking Cowell's stock of vintage champagne and imported beer, and keeping him up into the early hours through their noise. He has admitted they did wake him up and says he might charge them for the clean-up in future to teach them a lesson.

The winner of the Heart mug was Chris from Herne Bay with 'all-in-one romper suit!' (real answer 'pay')