The Difficult Second Single

We take a look at those one-hit-wonders and their not so successful follow up singles. Remember any of these?

1. Rednex

Sure, we all remember dancing to Rednex's country-techno hit "Cotton Eye Joe" at school discos, weddings and even dodgy night clubs, but have you ever heard their second tune, "Old Pop In An Oak"? Even if you haven't, you will feel like you have... it sounds very familiar...


2. The Rembrandts

We have all clapped the quick claps in "I'll Be There For You", and every time we hear it, we can't help but think of Central Perk and Ugly Naked Guy. None of us are clapping along to "This House Is Not A Home" though. It's a good tune, but never reached the worldwide success of the Friends theme tune. Not even close.


3. Lou Bega

A little bit of monica, etcetera, etcetera. No, we're not talking about Friends again, we are singing Lou Bega's iconic 90s hit, "Mambo Number 5". In fact, that single sold so well, he released exactly the same song again, but this time sang some different words. That's right, it's Lou Bega's not-so-iconic non-hit, "I Got A Girl".


4. Pato Banton

Little Pato found chart success when he teamed up with UK reggae legends UB40 for the song "Baby Come Back". Unfortunately, his partnership with Birmingham-born Ranking Roger did not have a similar fate. We can't see why. The video for "Bubbling Hot" is truly superb.


5. MC Hammer

"U Can't Touch This" made MC Hammer a household name. And an innovator of a regular discotheque dance move. And a pioneer in trousers. It even earned him the opportunity to do a song for The Addams Family. Not as catchy as their original theme tune, "The Addams Groove" never reached the same dizzying chart heights as Hammer's first song.