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Tuesday 9th October

We kick off with a new episode of our online cartoon, Men Behaving Moderately! In this episode, the boys have lost their balls! And you can check out all the episodes so far right here!

In Charlie's blog, it's all about men and puddles. Click here to read all about it!

And find out on how a like on Facebook can give you a real life hug in Claire's Weird News!

On Wednesday's show, find out how the ultimate love letter would sound!


Monday 8th October

James and Charlie were very naughty and mentioned the C – Word... a lot! This was after James' wife came home with a Christmas decoration, we asked if you had come across anything C-word related over the weekend!

The C-Word: Part 1

The C-Word: Part 2

Also There is a very romantic edition of Charlie's Blog here!

And find out here which boy band are going head to head with Robbie Williams


Friday 5th October

It was a James Bond Breakfast on the show for James Bond Day!

James and Charlie played the brand new bond song from Adele.

Even Producer Matt got into it the spirit – while trying to buy a car, he called a garage in Folkestone – but have a listen how many James Bond Films did he get into the conversation?

James Bond Films

In Charlie's blog, she let's you know which James Bond she just can't take seriously anymore!

And James and Charlie were out and about in Kent but did anyone Bond…with James? Find out here!

Thursday 4th October

It's not just James and Charlie on Heart Breakfast – there's Producer Matt and Producer Jack who work on the show. They're in their 20's but act very moderately indeed!

So James and Charlie have made some of their real conversations into a cartoon series – here is episode 2 of Men Behaving Moderately – where a deep dark secret comes out!

That only took a minute to watch, so now check out Charlie's blog, where she has exclusive details of the cast reunion of the animals of Farthing Wood!

And here why not check out David Beckham in his pants!

And Friday's show is celebrating James Bond day, with loads of great stuff - all shaken... not stirred... and we promise to try not to make too many jokes like that.


Wednesday 3rd October

Have you ever made an empty threat to your kids – you've said it in the hope they will behave, but you have no intention of following it through?
James has loads, including this Summer's classic, "Right that’s it we’re not going on holiday!" He knows and the kids know – they're still going on holiday, as it’s been booked, paid for, and everyone's started packing!

Here's one of our favourites from Louise in Cuxton:

Julie's empty threats...
Also Charlie has a theory on the longest shortest showbiz pregnancy ever – see what it is here in her blog!

And he's been working on it for ages, now it's out and you can hear it in full here – it's the new song from Bruno Mars!

Tuesday 2nd October

After asking for the most random thing in your hand bag – Sue from Chatham called to tell us about The Hand Bag Game. Basically, when you're with your friends, you pick a letter from the alphabet and everyone has to find something beginning with that letter in your bag – it's great... it can go on for hours! Have fun with the Hand Bag game!

Also click here to read out some off limit relationship advice – which Charlie has some views on!

And James and Charlie found out that Emma Watson is the latest movie star who says she wants to be in a band and sing!

We're not sure after hearing this from her….

Monday 1st October

First off, it's Charlie's Blog, where you can find out why she was thoroughly embarassed at 8:20!

After talking loungewear (do you wear it? or do you just sit like a lemon in your jeans and t shirt of an evening??), we demonstrated how the team do loungewear through the medium of movie:

And this Halloween , we are doing the Drive In Movies! Check out all the details here!

Friday 28th September

We have tweeted a brilliant picture this morning - a stingray giving the willies to some girls! Follow us @heartkentradio

Also find out what happened to Charlie which involved a tarmac truck in her blog!

And if you want to find out what this picture is all about – you need to LIKE our Facebook page here! As if we get to 16,000 it will all be explained in a video!

Heart Breakfast lounging about




Thursday 27th September

Before anything Charlie shared her special power with you on the show – have a read here about what it is! #amazing

Adele's upcoming Bond theme is called 'Let the Sky Fall', according to online reports.
Adele has recorded the official song for the 23rd James Bond movie Skyfall, which is out in cinemas next month.
The track is apparently an "ominous, dramatic ballad" that contains "lots of gorgeous horn flourishes" James and Charlie were very lucky to get hold of this exclusive clip!

Adele - Let The Sky Fall

The latest James Bond instalment Skyfall, which stars Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Judi Dench, will be in cinemas from October 26.

And after yesterday's Slipper Chat – Charlie bought these for James – what do you think?

James Slippers




Wednesday 26th September

Are you starting to think about who will be cooking the Christmas dinner in your house?

The A listers are:

Who cooks for the cooks?

And a massive thanks to our Shout About The Show fans in Costa Rica who got 6am lost in translation and shouted out Bam!

Well after hearing he got it wrong – he wanted to send us this…a corrected version…

You can watch the original along with all the other Shout About The Show videos here.

And Charlie has been hard at work on her blog – letting you know about the condition Slipper Foot – read it here!

And make sure you are listening to Thursday's show from 8:25 for your chance to play the thousand pound minute and win £1000!!


Tuesday 25th Spetember

As well as James and Charlie on Heart Breakfast there is also Producer Matt and Producer Jack working on the show with them, both in their 20's and single but after hearing some of their conversations in the office James and Charlie wanted to share them with you and bring you "Men Behaving Moderately".
Now These are true, actual, real-life conversations that have happened between our two producers, which have been re-enacted for your entertainment. In this episode, it's all about the bananas.

Follow us on Twitter @heartkentradio where you can see James trying to get TV presenter Nick Knowles attention – but it back fired big time! #awkward

And in Charlie's blog today – find out why the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!

On Wednesday's show, we will be making James look like a pixie, and Charlie look like a Polar Bear! How, I hear you cry? Listen tomorrow to find out!!


Monday 24th September

Back in the day – what did we always do, but don’t do anymore?

Thanks for all your memories – here's just some of them:

Emma Brand Fast forward on a cassette to get to the song you liked :) Now26 springs to mind!!! xx
Janis Smith and when telephones were attached to the wall
Clare Younger Playing solitaire with actual cards instead of on a computer!
Richard Mitch Mitchell Get off the internet I need to use the phone! And thinking Video Plus was the most fantastic invention ever! Until a programme ran over and cut off the end!
Lindsay Shepherd A fredo bar was 10p not 20
Claire Saunders sending off a film to be developed then waiting two weeks for it to be sent back x
Jason Head Only having 4 tv channels
Steve Hicks When you had to turn the dial on the telephone and if u made amistake you had to hang up and start again. About the time local telephone numbers were 3 of 4 digits not the 6 plus an area code they are now.
Melanie Webb When you had to put an adaptor into your car cassette player toenable you to use your portable CD player
Also James and Charlie got a message from the Jungle – you need to see this! It's at the Shout About The Show page here.

And read here what Animal has been branded the crocodiles on Great Britain!


Friday 21st September

This weekend HMS Kent is docking at Dover and opening to members of the public!
Now this is a big thing and you don’t normally get to talk to people on these ships – it’s very secretive - but James and Charlie managed to get get a call to the bridge and speak to Commanding Officer Ben Ripple :

Commanding Officer Ben Ripple of the HMS Kent

Also click here and see what James and Charlie, a rickshaw and Pakistan have in common.

And rounding up the week Charlie has her blog right here, which includes who she thinks should be Big Top 40 number one this week!


Thursday 20th September

So, this made it to Number 1 in Italy. Honestly. It did. No word of a lie. Number 1...

You also have to watch the video here where buying lemons in a Kent supermarket became a massive event!

And read here why Charlie is telling you it's time to get your dumplings out!



Wednesday 19th September

James sheds a tear

We would like you to help write a children's story!
After this happened on the show this morning

Let's Get A Pup
It got Charlie thinking it would be great if James could read a story which you can have to play to your kids
But instead of using an existing story lets make up one together!
On now, we’ve started a story off, we’d just like you to add a line to it – and hopefully we’ll get a new story for James to read... one perhaps that doesn't make him blub!
Go there now, find the post, and add your line to James and Charlie’s Children’s Breakfast Story.

Shout about The Show is still going strong - where you need to watch a flipping good video that was sent in from the Philippines - check it out here!

And this is something we don't write everyday – go to Charlie's blog today to see a photo of her great big chest!!!

Tuesday 18th September

Arnold Schwarzenegger fans could get a personalised voicemail greeting from the man himself!
Hopefuls can enter a competition for a chance to win the action hero record a personalised message.
Arnie has already put a video of himself recording a message for someone:

Why bother with that though? As James said, anyone can do Arine Impressions! So James, Charlie and Producer Matt did their own and they are on iTunes now for you to download! Just click here to go to our iTunes page!

Who's do you think is best?

And on Charlie's blog, find out what she really thinks about James' crying episode, and see who told James and Charlie 'to calm down' as part of Shout About The Show!

Monday 17th September

James and Charlie want you to Shout about the Show – find out what they are doing about it in Costa Rica here.

Congratulations to Neil Kefford (from Drivetime) who got married on Saturday! The whole team were there, including Producer Jack... who was chatting a girl up after the first hymn in Church!! We asked, is this right or wrong?

Here are some of your calls:

Chatting up in the church 1

Chatting up in the church 2

Overall you think a bit of Church flirting is fine - Vicki in Faversham said that's where she met her husband!

Everyone was talking about Downton Abbey that came back on our screens last night – to celebrate we've even had a special Hot Sausage and Mustard but don't worry if you have no idea what it's about – here it is summed up in 30 seconds

Downtown Abbey is back!!


Friday 14th September

James and Charlie asked for your help - they want you to Shout About The Show, find all the information here.

Don't worry they'll be doing their bit too – find out on Monday's show if they come up with anything!

If you've never read Charlie's Blog you need to – you get to see what goes on when the music plays in the studio, read about what Charlie gets up to and her best bits from the show – including from this morning why her and James pretended to be a married couple!

Have you tried a hard one?

We also found out who Robbie Williams wants to wear his pants! Find out who, here.

Thursday 13th September

It was all about Pillow Talk today. Charlie has issues with Pillows on her bed - she has to have 3 but her boyfriend just has this one special pillow, and it gets on Charlie's nerves! For 1, it makes the bed look odd, and 2, she ends up being really high up looking down on the boyfriend!

Hot Sausage and Mustard Winner

For more on Charlie – read her blog and find out why she and James had pieces of paper stuck to their faces.

And if you are already wanting a holiday after the kids just being back to school for a few days, we're giving you the chance to win a family break to Cornwall right here!!

Wednesday 12th September

What is the sexiest talent a man can have?

Apparently 85% of ladies said it was a Man that could play the piano!

Do you agree?

Some other talents you like in a man, include cooking, being able to hoover and doing DIY…if that's true, then you must find this sexy?!

Sexy Piano Man

In Charlie's blog today, she lets you know why everyone should have Julia Roberts has our friend!

And did something keep you up all night, like noisy neighbours - There’s this picture on twitter doing the rounds of a notice that has been put up with the header ‘to the people that kept us up all night’...
Basically a household have been doing Karaoke all night and keeping their neighbours up. Here's a brilliant line:
Thank you for your EPIC performance, your balcony faces our window so you really did have the perfect stage – I’m sure you’re keen to hear our verdict
They then go on and list some times with titles of the songs which have been sung all night – with what they thought of them – including terrible 3 out of 10!

Check it out and follow us on twitter now – we're @heartkentradio

Tuesday 11th September

So the London 2012 Victory Parade went on yesterday - see all the fantastic pictures here!

But after a fantastic summer of sport James and Charlie gave you their Post Olympic thoughts:

  • Having Long Sideburns are cool
  • Purple shirts and beigetrousers go together
  • Its now ok to hum the national anthem
  • Boris is the man
  • We now know about more countries in the world
  • Every stadium should now have the LED lights
  • Claire Balding has the freedom of the telly and can work on any channel
  • Everyone wants their kids to be compete in Rio
  • and we should do it again in 2024 (the next time we’d be allowed to host it)

Also on the show we asked what is under your bed? Here's what's under Charlie's, James' and Producer Matt's… the blue thing in James' is a postman pat costume!?!

What's under the bed?

And in Charlie's Blog find out if James is getting is £2 back.


Monday 10th September

What if Facebook was around forever in history? Just imagine these status updates:
Issac Newton – blinking apple fell out of a tree and hit me on the head
Noah - looks like rain
Marilyn Monroe - That was lucky escape – some wind nearly flashed my knickers
Neil Armstrong - just checked in at the moon
Another one from Neil Armstrong - You are not going to believe where buzz wants to go for his stag do
Joan of Arc – GIRL POWER
Guy Fawkes – Tonight's going to go with a bang....
If Facebook existed what status updates would people in history have posted?
Matthew Randall gave us this one - This definitely won't be finished today - Chief Builder of Rome
Van Gogh - gosh that razor is a bit sharp
Captain from The Titanic - oops I think I’ve hit something 

But our favourite from Tony in Maidstone:

Juliet updated her relationship status, Juliet is in a relationship with Romeo and it's complicated

Number 2 today has to be Charlie's blog, find out how her breakfast with Bill Oddie went!

And finally all this week James and Charlie are helping you out by giving you extracts from Little Mix's new book, this morning Jesse reveals her jealousy over Perrie's new leather jacket…

The Little Mix Autobiography - Episode 1

Friday 7th September

At Brands Hatch yesterday Swimmer-turned-cyclist Sarah Storey won her fourth gold of the Games to match Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson's British female record of 11 Paralympic titles.
Also Britain's Jonnie Peacock has sealed his status as the fastest amputee runner in the world after winning the T44 100 metres in a new Paralympic record.

But come Sunday it will all be over, so James and Charlie have got some facts which you can wow your friends with
about Rio de Janeiro (the host city for the 2016 games):
Rio de Janeiro is NOT the capital of Brazil. Brasilia is. (As of 1960)
Rio de Janeiro is the first South American city to host the Olympic Games.
24 million trees are being planted in the run up to the 2016 Olympics to make the event Carbon neutral!
Rio has over 46 miles (74km) of bicycle pathways.
Rio has the oldest operating electric tramway in the world called the Santa Teresa Tram or bonding.

Find out here why Charlie wants James and Producer Matt to be like Rihanna. #awkward

And as it's all 90's all weekend – check out what films we were watching back then.


Thursday 6th September

So did you watch it…the new Dallas on TV last night. James and Charlie wanted to celebrate by re-enacting a famous scene from the original …be warned it does involve James in the shower!!


James and Charlie are giving you the chance to win one of these pictures of them – that can double up as coasters, mouse mats, or even a place mat – do you want one? Email us your address and we'll pop on in the post –

Put your mug on our mugs!

Click here to read Charlie's blog – and find out what her boyfriend brought her that was purple silicon!

After you've eaten – click here to watch a video on Claire's Weird News page that involves a big snake and will make you shudder!

And finally lots of you have asked to hear this again…it's what could happen if Sesame Street's budgets get cut!

Sesame Street Budget Cuts...

Wednesday 5th September

Drive Time's Neil Kefford popped up on the show this morning – basically to tell Charlie she's a bloke – why? Find out here in her blog.

Also with most of the schools back today – while you were on the school run James and Charlie wanted to celebrate those new bits of stationery you might now have – so we played... "While you're stationary tell us your stationery…"

Tell us your stationery!

And for the next few days we welcome the Paralympics cycling to Kent – see all the details including some road closures here.


Tuesday 4th September

Today it was all about smiles and sewing!

We asked what made you smile recently? Charlie said when she got a email from a 6 month old after they went swimming for the first time, apparently they said they had a lovely time – we think the mum had a lot of time on her hands... Here's some other stuff you said that made you smile :)

Claire Phur Mine was my 3 yr old son saying to me 'mummy if you buy an alfa Romeo I'll eat my shoes' ..... what?!!
Niky Swarbrick doing my first ever tandem skydive,was amazing
Danny Denne Seeing my girlfriend :)
Sherrie Bruce My five week old son smiling at me when I touched his nose& said "beep beep"
Kelli Spray My 16 month boy playing pass the ball with our 15 month old staffie, so cute !!
Wendy Cetera My little boy saying he missed me today while he was at Orchard Preschool

And with all the kids going back to school James found out he couldn't do something – he can't sew, especially name tags into children's clothes! Anyone want to teach him?!

Also find out why Charlie has had to apologise in her BLOG and how apparently whale vomit smells nice…who knew? The story and others are at Claire's Weird News Page.


Monday 3rd September

It's September!

If you're back in your routine now the school are going back  - James and Charlie are here every weekday morning from 6 - 10…and here at 27/7 you can get your James and Charlie fix.

On this morning's show they spoke to Kent celeb Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders) who has given you an once in a life time opportunity, where you can star along side him and others on stage in a run of a hit comedy show that's coming to Kent – click here for all the details and how you can enter!

In Charlie's blog she asks you the question do you think her boyfriend was clever or dam right cheeky about something he did at the weekend!

And while you munch on your lunch today, don't trow the bag away it came in…you could sell it for a lot! Check out the story at Cliare's Weird News Page here.

Friday 31st August

It's the last day of August and Charlie mentioned the rhyme which everyone says to remember how many days are in each month... you know, the one that goes:

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November.
All the rest have thirty-one,
Excepting February alone,
And that has twenty-eight days clear,
And twenty-nine in each leap year.

James has says it's stupid, and can never remember it and thinks Charlie is the only one who uses it… here's what some of you who got in touched thought:

Teresa & Bradley OMG we were only talking about that stupid rhyme last night & neither of us can remember it (it would help if it actually rhymed lol
Caroline Sittingbourne Theres no other way surely. Didnt they teach you this at primary school James?
Marina from maidstone James, have always used it, even if the end doesnt flow, we know the rest!
Karen Rainham Yes I use it all the time. Was part of growing up at school, like the lords prayer too.

We also go this text from Sam in Margate - I use my knuckles, start January little finger, each hump is 31! James didn't like this and wished everyone could just check a calendar!

For more from today's show – find out why Charlie stuffed loo paper under her bathroom door in her blog, and have you ever seen a Koala swim? No, well now you can at Claire's Weird News Page right here.


Thursday 30th August

Were you tired this morning after staying up late watching the fantastic Paralympics Opening Ceremony, all of you seem to just love watching the GB team coming into the stadium, it's going to be a great 12 days!

Yesterday James played you some of the Crazy Summer songs from his holiday – you know how it is, with those euro hits you hear everyday you’re out there – with the songs though – also comes dance moves and James just wanted to share them with you…so he's put together a VIDEO step by step guide…which includes the move shivering like a seagull!?

Also in Charlie's blog today, find out why she got into the mind set of a runaway dog – check it all out here.

And don't forget – all day today your chance to win tickets to see Lady Ga Ga; you can listen from 10, head to Hempstead Valley from 12- 2, or just enter here... we really want you on Ga Ga's Guestlist! Good luck!


Wednesday 29th August

It's been the big news story this week and James and Charlie got an exclusive chat with the maine man this morning…

The Lion that rocked Essex!

Find out here why in Charlie's blog today, it's all about Frank and Frankie.

And this is very exciting - click here to find out what Robbie Williams will be doing next month!

Tuesday 28th August

James was back from his holiday and in Charlie's blog, find out why James literally brought the sun back with him!

Also from his camping trip in France, James had some summer holiday sounds – that he never wants to hear again...

3 sounds James NEVER wants to hear again!

Heart Breakfast with James and Charlie is back tomorrow, but while you wait, why not win a new bathroom here!